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Why I created Belle's Living

Belle's Living is a project really really recent but it already has a special place in my heart.

I started thinking about creating a blog a long time ago, but I never actually did it since I'm not very popular on social media and that becomes difficult to expand it all over the world. During this quarantine, my family gave me all the possibilities and support for me to give this a try. So did I.

I wanted to create something that would bring something positive to me but to my followers as well. For me, pursuing this tiny dream, although risky, it feels really good, for my followers, I've been bringing all types of content here and also being honest. Plus, I created a little space for the site members to interact with each other. I want to bring something positive to other people's life, even if it is letting them now that I'm also anxious in this situation and try to help them deal with it as I try to.

At this point of the blog, I should only be bringing positive vibes, but not everything is roses and dreams. We are living a shitty situation and it is good to feel that someone understands you and that is going through the same. This is one of the reasons I created this blog.

Of course I have more purposes for this blog, for exemple, reviews about products that I use and recommend, trips and funny moments. For some one that likes to read a blog with 4-5 minute posts, I think you should give Belle's Living a try.

Basically, I want to show my followers what I use, which products I rely on, and what I recommend. As a person that didn't have a blog 1 month ago, I really enjoy reading a review before buying products, reading a bit about what other people are trying to share with us. I think it is important.

I have 0 experience when it comes to creating a site, designing products, still, I'm doing it and even though I'm totally aware that it could be way better I think it is a good start.

However, writing is something I have a pretty good experience with since I love writing down moments in my life, struggles I'm going through, it is very helpful.

Belle's Living store is something also very fresh. I have way more projects in mind to come that will be a bit more complex, but I'm planning on going ahead with them. Belle's Living store is basically a store of my own style, and the style that I think that you guys would enjoy and want to have.

So if you ever want to create a blog - go for it - even if it is to give it a try only, that's what I'm doing right now. My father told me right away that the first months imply a lot of work, investments, and little audience. But I won't give up, it is something I'm passionate about, and if you are too, that's enough for you to start your own.

This blog post was a bit smaller, but I think it is important for my followers to know where this came from.

If you also want to get to know a little bit more about me, you already know plenty from my other posts, but I'm not a youtube person, for example. For me, reading someone's experience feels way better than hearing about it. I love photography, even though my photos are taken from an iPhone 11 and I love aesthetic and cute little designs - so I'm bringing everything together.

I'm on Junior Year, almost on Senior, and it is almost time for me to choose a career. I'm really aware of what my dreams are / were. When I was a little and until some years ago when I actually was given the chance to do ballet, I wanted to become a ballerina. Then I realised it was too late. My dream is still the same: criminology, but that means getting out of the country one year from now. So next on career plans I have Law (which is the most likely to happen) and Design (due to all this blog, shop love that I have). I still have one year to decide but some things are constant: I'll still invest in my blog, do ballet and try to do Erasmus in the United States.



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