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Where I'm dying to go after quarantine

Hi guys! So this was the most voted title. Today has been a fun day, I'm getting everything done for mother's day tomorrow. I'm going to bake a cake after dinner for tomorrow and make burritos for lunch! I'll talk more about it on Monday's recipe :)

We are all dying for quarantine to end, quickly. It has been really tough, I already feel like I've gained 20kg and I haven't been productive at all. But I woke up in a good mood today, which is awesome. Anyways, we can't get ahead of ourselves and ruin everything we did until today, so everything I'm planning to do will take a lot of time before it is safe to do so.

But onto the post-quarantine wishes:

  1. Meet with my boyfriend. This one is one of the most important ones. I miss him, I have been apart from him for like two months and fulfilling this one is my top priority.

  2. Hug all my family members I wasn't able to hug. I'm a very touch person, so every time I see my grandmother and I can't hug her it hurts.

  3. Go to school & Ballet. Honestly I miss school, it kept me more sane even though I had panic attacks every day, but at least I was out of the house you know? And all that routine was healthy. And ballet goes without saying, it is a super healthy hobby in my life.

  4. Lisbon (Belle). I miss our sailboat the most. There's nothing like sailing and seeing Lisbon from another perspective - a better one. We say it here in Portugal "levar com o vento nas trombas" which is literally "wind on our faces" said in a rude way :) I even miss that. So that is another one of my big priorities, just visit Belle, clean it because we haven't been there in ages and make up for the lost sail time. <3

  5. Prainha. This one, hopefully, I'll be visiting next week. It's a safe place, with little population where we can just relax and walk freely while still respecting prevention rules.

  6. Taco-Bell. I'm being serious, I really do miss quesadillas :(

  7. New York. This is asking too much. We have a trip planned to NYC on Christmas and my birthday (from 25th Dec to 8th Jan) and probably the situation won't be waaay better at that time. There's still hope though. Let's see how it goes. And talking about food, I miss some five guys myself...

  8. Festivals. I want festivals. That sounded weird mainly because festivals mean A LOT of people. This year I was supposed to go see Harry Styles, Lana del Rey and The Neighbourhood live. Like literally my favs. Seriously, coronavirus couldn't be more unfair than this.

  9. Be with my friends. I miss them, I miss hanging out with people the most. I'm a very talkative person, but talking through the phone isn't the same.

  10. Walk around my hometown. I used to walk here in Porto a lot. I would go visit downtown at least once in two weeks.. I really need to breath Porto's air, and just look at everything to appreciate it a bit more. (I do want to make this one thing clear though: I do not miss public transports k bye)

This is it guys, I think those are the most important things I need to do after quarantine. I'm really looking forward to them but I don't want to rush things. With time everything will be better.

I hope you liked today's post. Let me know where you want to go after quarantine on the comments.

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See you guys on Monday with a reeeeally good recipe, as I said earlier!!

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