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The Sims 4 - A Review

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Every since my sister started playing The Sims 2, I became in love with it. And The Sims 4 *was the first Sims I actually got for myself when I got out - in 2014!

Until this quarantine, I didn't love the Sims 4 - I'd rather play sims 3 - because I didn't have expansions at all, I only had the base game, and naturally, 6 years later it was boring. So I decided to buy an expansion - The Sims 4 City Living **. I got flashbacks from Sims 3. You have way more activities, you can live in apartments - which you couldn't on the base game.

On the first day I built this amazing penthouse that took me like 4 hours.

Later on, my sister gave me another expansion - The Sims 4 Island Living **. That one yes, that one's my favorite. You get to have a sailboat, BE A MERMAID. And don't get me started on the clothes. The city expansion has a great choice of casual clothes, mostly when it comes to tops - it's more 2020 instead of 2014 :) And the Island Living one has a lot of summer clothes, with bikinis underneath the shirt, jumpsuites. Honestly, clothes are amazing.

So I'll leave here this house I did today because I didn't feel like doing anything else and Sims distract me from anxiety. I built this house on the city that comes with the Island Living.

This is a really small house comparing to the ones I normally do.

Basically, since we're all locked at our own homes, I think it is a pretty good thing to do. You can create a family, focus on building a house. Personally, this game helps me to distract myself from bad things, you're just so focused on details and living your own life inside of the game.

For me, this game is an essencial.

A few of my other houses:

As I said earlier, I have the City Living and the Island Living expansions but I'm very looking forward to buy the Discover University Expansion too.

A little extra: a underwater house in the island and a mermaid!!!

About cheat codes: a lot of people criticise me for using cheat codes. The only cheat code I use is "motherlode" to get money to build the house. Other than that, I do a normal life, I work and fulfil my sims' needs (or try to). But if you're interested in cheat codes I'll leave here ones for you.

Also, on this last house I used the cheat to put objects wherever you want, mainly in the pool! (bb.moveobjects on).

Enable cheat codes bar: Press Ctrl + Shift + C together

For money write: "rosebud" (1,000$), "kaching" (1,000$) or "motherlode" (50,000$)

More cheats write: "testingcheats on"

sims.give_satisfaction_points 'X'

fillmotive motive_energy

fillmotive motive_fun

fillmotive motive_hunger

fillmotive motive_hygiene

fillmotive motive_social



FreeRealEstate On

FreeRealEstate Off

bb.moveobjects on



death.toggle true - Sims can't die

death.toggle false - Sims can die

So I really really recommend this game, it is a classic, but fun and entertaining nonetheless. Click on the names of the expansions underlined for the link where to buy!

* mega discount on 8,99€ (-30€)

** 50% off on origin until April 21st (19,99€) also Island Living is on amazon too (link there)

See ya guys, share you sims with me on @lenadosantos

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