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Started designing for my store

Hi guys! First of all, I created today my may playlist. Check it out, it's full of oldies <3 My grandmother brought us this beautiful rose. Isn't it ironic that in the middle of a world crisis, flowers still bloom? It gives me a little sense of hope.

Aesthetic and tumblr-ish things has always been my style. Therefore, a few days ago I decided to get my iPad + a random pencil wannabe I had at home and started doodling. I didn't watch any youtube videos. The only lettering stuff I've seen is my boyfriend's sister (@mariasperspective on IG) and she's amazing. But other than that I hadn't seen any.

It was a bit random but I started by installing on my iPhone an app called paper and another called sketches. They are both free. Basically they have great tools (at least for beginners) for you to start getting used to work with. Obviously working on an iPhone was difficult - it is way small, so as I said earlier, my iPad Mini 1 (yes very old I know) was good for starting.

Since then, I have done a few sketches - and my four last items on the store are from the things I drew.

I honestly didn't try this before because I didn't think I could do half of what I did - even though it still needs A LOT of practice and more serious tools (like a pen that doesn't break after two days) - and I'm working on that. It would be very positive for the store and for more original designs other than sample files.

For me, it's way easier the lettering part than the actual drawing part (that's what I wanted) and I'm thinking about installing procreate and buying a better pencil since the iPad is working extremely great for this purpose and for its age.

Let me know on the comments what you'd like to see designed on my products.

Also, I should warn you guys that there's a little delay on my order's shipping due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

I'll show you some of the things I've done until now.

It's something I'll certainly keep on working on.

Today is labour day here in Portugal. So at least there's no school and no remote work sooooo spend time with your families on this big weekend.

Also here in Portugal, Sunday is Mother's day. Do you know what you're going to do for your mom? Check one of my recipes and bake something for your mother - she'll love it. Mothers normally are like that, they appreciate way more the little things that you do rather than the big ones you buy.

Have fun this weekend, stay tuned for the weekend special. And spoil your mom!! <3

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