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Some recommendations for your free time

Hey guys, last Monday I decided to talk about something more personal and serious. We're still quarantined, but our cities will start to open again slowly. Just one thing: please don't walk around freely, with no protection. Be careful.

With that being said, I'm having my first week of classes online and it's going well, I stand by what I said the other day: Teams is a really good platform for this purpose.

Today I decided to bring you some recommendations for when you try to relax. I'm assuming you're keeping some kind of routine because at this point everyone either works or has classes online. Don't forget about yourself though. It's important to do something you like, whether it is working out or watching a series.

I found something that helps me a lot to relax when I have stressful days: I try to cook or exercise. It helps, believe me, cooking has its downside though, if you're like me, you'll start panicking after eating since we're stuck at home, moving way less, and eating worse.

Onto the recommendations!

Random activities:

  1. Crochet- I know I know, nowadays with technology, crochet seems something odd for millennials. I've been doing it like since yesterday (xD) and I like it. My grandmother is a tailor, she has done all types of clothes during her life - she even made her wedding dress 2 days before the wedding (what a woman)- so when I was like ten she tried to teach me some things. Now I'm the one who wants to do things to show her I'm capable + there's a cute baby that I know so I have to make him cute things.

  2. Clean- Believe me. cleaning is therapeutic. You'll feel happy and free with the results, plus, no one likes to live in a disorganised environment.

  3. Go through your things and separate what you don't wear anymore- Everyone has stuff that they don't use, so you could either give it for charity or sell it. You'll free up a little space and feel happy about someone using your things happily.

  4. Check your photo library - Really, this is something that I love to do. I take a lot of pictures, so I have pictures from the best moments in my life and it makes me really happy to remember them.

  5. Write - This one is the most important for me. Writing on a paper literally whats on your mind is the best thing that you could do to yourself. You'll sort things out by writing and get over them. It is a really important task to do, but only if you really feel like it.

  6. Plan what you'll do once quarantine is over - But don't plan for next month or so. Plan for a time that you are sure that you'll be able to do it. It is good to plan somethings and hold onto them to get through tough times. <3

If you like to watch Netflix on your free time:

  1. Good Girls - I think I've talked about this one. Basically, it is a comedy show, about moms that get into shady business to save their families. They are empowering, and I'm sure you'll love them. On Netflix there are only 2 seasons - I've started third one on a random site - with about 10 episodes each with 45 minutes. It is really good to watch and it's one of those stories you'll get really into.

  2. Toy Boy - I love Spanish series!!!! (La Casa de Papel, High Seas, the list goes on) a really really hot stripper was framed for murder, but there's a way bigger story behind it. This one is a bit more serious, although you can play a game during this: What dumb thing will Hugo (the hot stripper framed for murder) do today? Really, you can play it in every episode. It only has one season with 13 episodes, but they're extremely long.. an hour each.

  3. Bonding - I honestly don't know what I saw. Just look for it on Netflix, it is so random it turns out to be good. It is really small though, 10 episodes per season (2 seasons) with 15 minutes each.

  4. Lucifer - Jesus Christ, what a man. It is a classic series about crime and detectives and finding out who's the bad guy (that will get a special treatment from Lucifer). 40-minute-episodes and 4 seasons!

  5. Intern - ayyy such a cute movie I swear. A senior intern got to work for a CEO, a girl very very busy, but with a beautiful heart when you get to know her. A beautiful story.

  6. Ocean's 8 - This was the last movie I saw, a few women decide to rob something worth a LOT of money in a big gala. The way they manage to do it is super entertaining.

  7. You - Creepy, really creepy, but I love this type of shows. He's a stalker and falls in love with a girl and things end badly. He's clearly a psycho, there's phases where I hate him, but the series is really interesting. 40 minute long episodes and two seasons. The second one is WAY better than the first one.

  8. Mindhunter - When I finish the book, I'll do a full article talking about it. But for now just watch it, it's based on a true story about crime and trying to get a killer's mind. More interesting than creepy, I swear. 40 minute long episodes and two seasons.

  9. If you're between 25 and 16, do a Disney marathon from when it was good - Hannah Montana, Austin & Ally, Wizards of Waverly Place, Shake it Up, Jessie, High School Musical, Camp Rock,...- good vibes only <3

For today, I'll leave you with random and Netflix. On a future post, I'll bring you recommendations about games, music and more!

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