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Chocolate cake recipe and story time!

Hey guys! Happy Friday :) This week I'll do a weekend special to cover the fact that my sister couldn't make it on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we celebrated a holiday typical from my hometown called S. João. It has been a great tradition in our home, that we celebrate in our grandmother's house and we bake a chocolate cake, sardines and chorizo (pork sausage) bread.

This year, unfortunately, we weren't at home with our grandparents, so we ended up celebrating it only the four of us. Me and my mom did what my grandmother used to do (I'll leave the recipes at the end) and then, I decided to make my mom a bit happier so I put on some popular Porto songs, and my ears hurt, however, it felt a bit more like home.

We ended up having a great dinner, Facetimed our grandparents and ate outside in the garden. Of course, it wasn't the same thing, but it was a good night nevertheless. I'll leave here some pictures before I dive in to the recipes.

Recipe time!

Bolo de Chocolate

Chocolate Cake

The making of:

Português 🇵🇹


  1. 6 ovos inteiros;

  2. 150g de margarina;

  3. 270g de açúcar;

  4. 140g de farinha;

  5. 1 colher de chá de fermento em pó;

  6. 125g de chocolate em pó.

Para a cobertura:

  1. 1/2 tablete de chocolate culinária

  2. 1 pacote de natas (aprox)


  1. Arranjar dois recipientes e colocar num as gemas e noutro as claras.

  2. Juntar às gemas o açúcar e misturar tudo com a batedeira

  3. Derreter a manteiga e deitar no preparado

  4. Misturar o chocolate com a farinha e com o fermento e peneirar

  5. Bater as claras em castelo

  6. Colocar no preparado principal 2/3 colheres do chocolate e da farinha e misturar

  7. De seguida, colocar 2/3 colheres das claras e envolver (devagar)

  8. Repetir o processo até acabar a farinha e as claras

  9. Untar a forma com manteiga e polvilhada com farinha

  10. Colocar o preparado na forma e levar ao forno a 180º

  11. Fazer o teste do palito

  12. Quando arrefecer, preparar a cobertura com meia tablete de chocolate culinária e um pacote de natas, levar ao lume brando e mexer até derreter

  13. Por fim, cobrir o bolo.

English 🇺🇸


  1. 6 eggs;

  2. 150g of margarine;

  3. 270g of sugar;

  4. 140g of flour;

  5. 1 tea spoon of baking powder;

  6. 125g of powdered chocolate.


  1. 1/2 culinary chocolate bar

  2. 1 cream pack


  1. Two recipients: one for the egg whites and another one for the yolks.

  2. Add the yolks to the sugar and mix everything with the mixer

  3. Melt the butter and pour into the mixture

  4. Mix the chocolate with the flour and the yeast and sieve

  5. Beat the egg whites

  6. Place 2/3 spoons of chocolate and flour in the main mixture and mix

  7. Then, add 2/3 tablespoons of the egg whites and wrap (slowly)

  8. Repeat the process until the flour and egg whites are finished

  9. Grease the pan with butter and sprinkled with flour

  10. Place the preparation in the pan and bake at 180º

  11. Take the toothpick test.

  12. When it cools, prepare the topping with a half-bar of culinary chocolate and a packet of cream, bring to a low heat and stir until melted.

  13. Finally, cover the cake.

Pão com chouriço

Chorizo bread

the making of:

Português 🇵🇹

Neste aqui não há muito que se lhe diga. Os ingredientes são os que estão na foto, massa de pão (que compramos no continente) e chouriço à escolha. O melhor é corta-lo fininho e encher a bancada de farinha para conseguir mexer melhor a massa. Depois é só escolher a quantidade de massa e por chouriço (à vontade) e de seguida fechar o pãozinho. No fim eu fiz umas rachinhas no pão só para dar aquele aspeto.

English 🇺🇸

This one is really easy. The ingredients are on the picture, bread dough, that I bought on the supermarket and pork sausage. The best option is to cut the chorizo as thin as you can and then fill the place you're doing it with flour in order to be easier to work with the dough. Then, you get to choose the quantity of dough, according to the size of the bread you want, and before closing the bread, put as many slices of chorizo as you want. At the end, I cut some lines with a knife.



I hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to share with me if you try these recipes! @lenadosantos

Also, I created an account in Patreon, for the ones who are interested in my lettering and illustration works. from only 2$ a month, you can have access to exclusive content! Check it here.I haven't posted a lot there, but as soon as July starts, I'll be posting daily for those who are interested.

Love <3

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