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Review: Procreate and Adonit Mark

Hey guys! As promised, today I'll be doing a review on the tools I use to create the designs on my store (and much more).

Before anything, I hope you had a cool weekend. This week will be different. Posts will come out on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Here are a few of the products I fully designed. These are my favorites. Check them all out here.

I got Procreate on my mom's iPad 10.2. First off I was very confused - it has a lot of tools for beginner. I spent some time trying to explore everything and watching youtube tutorials and some classes from which has a lot of classes and free tools like brushes and color palettes. (check them out)

That's my room / office where I work for my blog. A lovely space <3


I started doodling and of course I needed a pencil, but since I'm starting, I didn't want to spend 99€ on Apple Pencil. So I bought Adonit Mark. Of course it doesn't have the power that apple pencil has, you can't make more pressure to make the line thicker and less pressure to make it thinner. I think that it is good for beginners and to get to know procreate tools first of all. Later, I'll probably get the Apple Pencil, but for its price, Adonit Mark does a great job. You can lay your hand on the screen and it does every line as you want. So if you're starting like me, I really recommend the Adonit Mark for 12€ on amazon.


The procreate app was 10,99€ on app store. It only works on some iPad's though. At first, as I said earlier, I was really confused with all those tools it has. Here's a time lapse of me doing a easy doodle and as you can see, there are a lot of brushes and color palettes.

There are three features on this app that for me are a big plus:

  1. You're able to do you color palette. For example, you are only going to use certain colors on a project, select them, put them in your new empty palette and you can have easy access to them.

  2. The streamline. For beginners, the streamline at 50-60% is a big help to achieve a more perfect lettering.

  3. You can remove the background: AMEN. For someone that does products like iPhone cases, being able to remove the background without being in a shady website is gold.

Here are a few lettering stuff I did. On the first two pics you can see a shadow! I learnt that on Every-Tuesday videos, it is really easy and beautiful to do. Also from Every-Tuesday are the brushes I'm using on the first three pictures. The flowers on the third pic is also one of their brushes.

The part which I want to dedicate to the most is illustration. However, I find it more difficult. I've done some stuff though, I only post the ones I'm confident about, but I'm trying and learning to work with the drawing tools.

I took some ideas from the internet and then did it my own way, of course they are not nearly as perfect as I want them to be, but with time and patience I'll get there.

On the third one, I used a really good tool from procreate: the drawing guide with the symmetry option. It is really good to make mandalas, I've tried! The layers tool is also pretty cool for you to do whatever you want a erase it without touching what you've done previously.

I also learnt in Every-Tuesday something really cool where you can color only the letters you want and then blend them.

Basically, I think that these 23€ were really well spent, I'm glad that I'm learning this, it is a really good way to focus on something you like. I recommend both Procreate and Adonit Mark - this last one for beginners - you won't be disappointed at all.

I hope you liked it. Follow me on IG @lenadosantos or @bellesliving for more lettering and drawing on procreate.

See you soon <3

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