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Review: iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hi guys! I'm writing this Saturday along with my boyfriend Francisco, and this post was actually his idea! He bought an iPhone SE 2020 and we decided to compare them. First of all, they are both incredible, despite their differences mainly in price.

Note: All the photos and videos taken to both iPhones were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro which is so so cute but we won't be reviewing it since it's my father's. But he loves it!

At first sight, the SE 2020 look really tiny compared to 11. It is the iPhone 7/8 size and I'm not used to it anymore, but Francisco thinks it is actually a perfect balance between a big screen and a size that fits anywhere.

That's also something about the 11, I still think it is too big, and for me, the perfect size is actually my dad's phone.

iPhone sizes:

iPhone SE 2020: 4.7''

iPhone 11: 6.1''

iPhone 11 Pro: 5.8''

Let's do a general view of both of them shall we? :)

First look:

Helena's iPhone 11

Price: from 709€

Camera: 2 cameras, one wide and one ultra wide with 12MP also has night mode, really useful. 1 front camera with 12MP. 4K video recorder.

Bionic Chip: A13

Water proof up to 2 meters and 30 minutes.

Weight: 194g

Unlock: Face ID

Battery: up to 17 hours of video.

This is just apple's quick look, but I think a personal opinion is better. So the battery is actually pretty great after one year of using. When I bought it it lasted about 2 days, now it lasts a day, even a busy one with bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bond Touch turned on.

The size is pretty big for my hands but I don't think I could ever go back to a screen like SE's because now I'm really into full screens. For example, the good thing of this size is that youtube, netflix and some games are way better to use.

The bionic ship makes the iPhone exceptionally quick, I literally have 0 complaints when it comes to speed.

The thing I use the most (other than those amazing animoji's that I'm obsessed with) is the camera. Every photo in my blog and in my instagram were taken with my iPhone, That was the biggest reason why I decided to buy it in the first place. The quality is exceptional. However, iPhone SE turned out to have an amazing camera as well.

When it comes to the Face ID, I was surprised by how quickly it identifies you face, but now with COVID-19 and masks, I miss the touch ID.

Last, but not least, I thought I was going to love this lavender colour forever - I didn't. I'm SO SO tired of it so I use a lot of cases to cover it up ahah! (Wishing I bought the black one)

Francisco's iPhone SE 2020

Price: from 499€

Camera: Wide camera with 12MP. It doesn't have night mode. 1 front camera 7MP. 4K video recorder.

Bionic Chip: A13

Water proof up to 1 meter and 30 minutes.

Weight: 148g

Unlock: Touch ID

Battery: up to 13 hours of video.

Francisco typing now!

In my mind, a new SE 2020 will always pay off better than a second-hand iPhone 11, or X. Looking at Helena's 11, there's nothing that I feel mine is missing out on. As a person that always used to prefer androids, this iPhone was a game changer, mainly when it comes to the price-quality ratio. For almost half the 11's price, you get an iPhone with the same bionic chip, lighter and easier to carry around.

I used to have Face ID on my last phone, but this Touch ID is so smooth that I don't really miss it. The first thing I noticed was the speed when it comes to opening and closing apps, changing screens, it's super quick.

One of the biggest fears I had before buying it was the battery, and even though I haven't had this phone for a long time, it lasted pretty well, but don't get any illusions because if you use FaceTime and heavy games, it won't last as long. On a normal day I charge it at night or late afternoon. But it isn't the deal-breaker I though it was going to be.

The camera's quality made me really happy, it is great and I love the slo-mo.

It isn't a problem for me not having the Animoji, but I still get to have Memoji.

Normally I prefer matte phones but this one, is extremely beautiful.

Last, but not least, the size: I've gotten really used to big screens and I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy SE's size. However, if you put the letter size a bit bigger, the difference isn't as big as I was expecting. If you like to use your iPhone on your pocket, it fits way better.

COMPARING CAMERAS : Judge for yourself

iPhone 11 / iPhone SE

In our opinion, the difference isn't that big. They both have amazing quality.

I hope you enjoyed our post, and if you were in doubt about which iPhone you should buy, I hope this was useful.

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Best iPhone 11 cases

First one: Belle's Living gold marble case. I love this one, not only for being mine, but also for being super protective and the touch is really good. 20€

Second one: Pull & Bear. Even though it makes the iPhone thicker, it is simply beautiful and it gives a nice touch to the lavender color. 5,99€ (can't find it on the website)

Third one: Apple clear case. It is really protective, and if you like the color it is perfect, It also thickens the phone. 45€

Fourth one: Burga Charming Esmeralda. Absolutely perfect, I bought it on amazon for 13€.

Fifth one: Bershka Plain Pink. This is the one I use when I'm tired of the purple, it is a really soft pink, it doesn't protect much tho. 5,99€

Sixth one: 4-OK plain case. This was my first one, it feels like you don't have any case on, plus it came with screen protector. 19,99€




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