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Review: Essie Gel Couture

It is really important for me to have my nails great all the time, so I'm really picky when it come to nail polishes.

When I started to do gel, there where two things I didn't like at all: the UV lamp and the state my nails were when I took off the gel.

After a bad experience with gel nails, during summer, I decided to let my nails grow by themselves and then do them at home since it was August and I'm never in my hometown - either I'm in Belle or at Algarve. So I started to do my nails by myself.

However, I didn't like it at all because, after a day or two, they were already chipping off. Because of that, I did some research on long-lasting nail polishes and I found about Essie Gel Couture - since then, Essie is the only brand I use.

The color I bought first was "Fairy Tailor" (the third one in the picture) and the Top Coat (last one) which is REALLY necessary. I wasn't impressed with the Fairy Tailor, and even though I have two of them at home since the color is beautiful, it is kinda difficult to paint with it - it is a bit milky.

Despite being difficult to use, it lasted like a week and a half. So I bought the "Style in Excess" - still one of my favorites (first one in the picture).

I found out that, with Essie, the darker the color, the easier to paint. Later that summer I got a bright red called "Rock The Runway" and it is probably one of the best ones. It's kind of difficult to say which one is better - they're all great except for the pink one. My sister has another one pink "Sew Me" and that one works way better!!

Today I got the "Bubbles Only" (second one in the picture) and I love it, hopefully it will last around two weeks like the others do.

On one hand, the thing about them, is that they really look gel-like during the 2 weeks. They don't loose their shiny look, normally they don't get scratched. They also dry really quick. That's what I love about them.

On the other hand, they are expensive. The colored ones cost 14€ and the top coat 15€.

Comparing to getting your nails done outside, it is cheaper and worth it.

So, despite the price, I still recommend them because I think they have a good price-quality.

Although, if you're looking for a cheaper (10€ instead of 14€) option, I found out that the normal Essie nail polishes along with the Gel Couture Top Coat work just as fine! I have two, a nude one called "Sand Tropez" and a black one called "Licorice". The black one is one of my go-to's!

The price depends on the store. I'll leave the links down below for the Essie website and

I normally buy them in El Corte Inglês so the prices I wrote above are from ECI.

Basically that's it, if you want a nail polish that is easy to apply and lasts a long time without losing quality then I really recommend Essie Gel Couture (at least the top coat!).


  1. Style in Excess

  2. Licorice

  3. Sew Me

  4. Sand Tropez

  5. Bubbles Only

Check out the links below, and amazon is a little bit cheaper!!

See ya!

Top Coat: /

Fairy Tailor: /

Style in Excess:

Rock The Runway: /

Sew Me: /

Bubbles Only: /

Sand Tropez: /


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