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2020 in 12 Pictures | Hello 2021

Happy New Year guys! How was your end of 2020? I was kinda waiting for it to end because this was a very tiring year for all of us. Anyways, our New Years Eve was pretty simple. I had a great time with my parents, boyfriend and sister!

Last pictures of 2020

Luckily, it was my favourite plate! Salmon and Feta with noodles :)

We played Cluedo and watched fireworks really close from our home. Also, a new countdown started: my birthday!!

I want to go through some of 2020 moments, even though it was awful, we had good experiences as well, nothing can be only bad. 2020 did have great moments and projects, which is when I started Belle's Living!

2020 in 12 pictures

January 2020

January had a rough start. I spent the first day with a stomach bug, which wasn't very nice. Still, 3 days later, it was my birthday, and I love my birthday. I got to spend the last birthday with a really close friend of ours that died in October.. little did I know that was my last birthday with him.

This month, my anxiety problems started, and until now, they're still with me everyday.

I also tried Taco Bell for the first time and I was pretty stable on Ballet! January was AWFUL when it comes to studying... so many work, so little patience.

To end January horribly, I found out about a cyst I have. But Francisco surprised me that day and came to Porto - I was shocked and happy!

Last, but not least, we planned a trip to NYC that never happened because of COVID. Actually, I was supposed to be there as I'm writing this.

I took this photo in my city. It was a day where I went to a new place here and really appreciated the place where I live.

February 2020

On February, I have this really clear memory of picking up my dad from the airport - he had been in Colombia. It had been a long time since the last time he worked out of the country during 2 weeks. So me and mum really missed him.

I had a really good valentine's day with Francisco - I even cooked. A few days later we went to Algarve to spend a few days with my family. It was great to go to the beach and have quality family time. After that we went to Lisbon, where I took this picture! Me and Francisco went to the Harry Potter Exhibition and I got this photo in Hagrid's Hut!!

Again, we love ending months in pain, I had a asthma crisis when the pandemic started to spread. I was a bit scared :)

March 2020

My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage, and it was a good last event before everything shutting down.

This picture was taken when we found out we were all going home due to COVID. We just sat down in the studio talking, pretty confused about everything that was going on, but we still weren't using masks, thank god.

Quarantine started and, at least for me, at first it was a good thing, we would calm down this virus - which we didn't - and spend a month or so home doing things our way. I think I was the most motivated during this month. Although, I remember playing sims all the time and my parents going crazy because they couldn't find toilet paper anywhere.

April 2020

Apart from creating Belle's Living, April was marked by online classes. It was a new thing for all of us, but it also made me miss real life. Ballet classes were happy and sad at the same time. Our teacher would be so nice and a good vibe but the whole thing of being away from that safe place we were used to going - the studio - was really sad.

I had a pretty good routine during this month. During the morning I had classes and slept through it, I worked on Belle's Living and played sims during the afternoon, then I had ballet and after dinner, I would do some work. It was pretty productive actually.

May 2020

May was a good month, I finally got out of my bubble and went to Algarve. On the way I went to my boyfriends house to surprise him on his birthday. Algarve was really good to change my routine, walk on the beach and swim a bit. The weather there was amazing, so we were a bit happy and away from where the COVID cases were worse.

June 2020

June, despite the anxieties and COVID, was actually a good month for us. We spent all of our Sundays on our garden, listening to music and swimming all by ourselves. During the week I still had classes but I really focused on illustration and on Belle's Living. I wrote more frequently and I was drawing and learning more and more.

The dress season started and I was happy.

July 2020

On the first day of July, I got back home. Where I spent a few days with Francisco and redecorated our room! I added this tiny desk to work on Belle's Living and to study. I went to Ikea with mom, obviously with masks, and it was tiring, certainly not fun. But decorating the room was really really fun and I loved the results. Also, I got my first Belle's Living order!

It was a really warm month, and I was annoyed by that, but still home, we spent a good day with our grandparents.

We went back to Algarve and my best friend came to visit me and we spent a good afternoon on the pool.

On the last week of July, Francisco came to visit me!

August 2020

The first part of August, we were in Prainha as well. We had so many more of those days on the pool playing cards and listening to music. I think family days were the best thing during this year.

Mid August, we went to Lisbon and said goodbye to Belle, our sailboat which was actually my biggest inspiration for this blog, as you can see by the name. We had Belle for 9 years and it was extremely sad to say goodbye. I brought some great memories with it.

Late August, we went back to Lisbon, to my sisters house. She moved to a new place and we had great sisters time. Then I went for some walks with Francisco.

September 2020

September, school started and Helena was sad. It was really confusing for me during the first days to adapt to the mask and all these new rules.

I got to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and that sweet little boy called Xavier - Francisco's nephew - he's so cute and happy.

October 2020

School continued and the COVID cases where appearing more and more so it was stressful. My parents took me to Prainha for a few days where we relaxed, I read by the beach and just got away from everything.

I also had a wedding this month and spent the weekend on my boyfriend's parent's town. It was weird to go to a wedding wearing a mask, but it was the best for all of us.

We ended up October in the worst possible way. A very close family friend passed away and it was awful for every one. I don't think our family had ever gone through such a tough phase.

November 2020

Can we skip November? It was awful, I studied and was stressed the whole time.

December 2020

December was a sweet month, with its low points, but mostly sweet. We started to get ready for Christmas, buy presents for everyone and I returned to my normal drawing and working more on Belle's Living. It was a different Christmas this year but we had a good time, even with precautions.

Plans for 2021

In the years that I kept a bullet journal, I was way more organised, that I can assure you. You feel good about yourself, you're able to keep track about what you've done and remembering stuff, keeping track of the habits you do, the hours you sleep. To sum up, you're able to maintain a routine. So I think this is a big step for a better 2021.

For 2021, my biggest achievement will be getting into the college I want. Hopefully. I also have planned to take drivers license during summer. But for the first part of 2021, I want to focus on school, ballet and Belle's Living which is something that has been put aside for the last few months due to personal issues.

When it comes to Belle's Living, I have a lot planned and I intend to expand the site and reach more audience . But most importantly, I want to bring you more content!

One of my biggest goals is to wake up early and exercise with my dad before school, I think it would be very healthy for both of us!

Last, but the most important of all, I want everyone to stay healthy and safe, 2020 was hard enough on the world.

Love, Lena.

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