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Relaxing Weekend - Pool, Nature and Lettering

Updated: May 20, 2020

Hi guys, how are you? As per usual, here I am for my Monday post. I had a pretty cool weekend what about you?

First of all I added this new item to my store, check it out here :) Also, you can know check out my new collection where you can access to everything I've designed by myself.

This weekend I focused on relaxing. That's something that has been hard for me to do but I was capable somewhere during this one. My sister joined us in the Algarve and she's my big company here.

First of all, for me, weekends are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. My school schedule changed and I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday basically. My weekends are four days now :)

I started my weekend on Friday. First of all, I went to do a little bit of grocery shopping with mom and then got internet for the house (which was only installed today), we bought a water slide -yes me and my sister are 10 years old instead of 17 and 25 - we are soooo looking forward to try it.

When I got back from shopping, the first thing I did was put on my swimsuit and head to the pool. I had a great time there, it was empty so I just relaxed there for a bit, alone and happy.

I drank my Starbucks Skinny Latte - lactose free!!! - and spent the rest of the afternoon with sun burning my face <3

It was also a confusing weekend if you ask. I've been a bit confused when it comes to choose my degree.. I'm between Law and Design and the process of choosing is really complicated so I had deep talks with my sister and boyfriend that night and now I'm a bit more into Design... I don't know, let's see :)

Saturday and big sister arrived here at Prainha! We went to the pool just to relax (we didn't even dive in) but it was nice to have her with us and hug her soooo much!

Sunday, what a day!!! As you can see above, it was a sunny hot day. Me and my sister were like kids swimming around and floating. It was such a good weather - we had to make the most out of it. We spent the whole afternoon on the garden, sunbathing and listening to Ariana Grande <3

Finally our parents joined us and we had a cool family time in the swimming pool.

Today I went for a walk with my mom. I'm planning on going for a swim later today, but we went for a pretty good walk. I got to see the beach - which was breathtaking. I love this place so much, the weather has been fantastic.

I'm all dresses and stuff these days. Going through quarantine here makes it much easier, we're still respecting the rules but able to have a bit more fun and relax. Thank God for this place, the nature that surrounds us, all those beautiful plants and birds singing. I feel grateful.

As you can see on the title, I've been creating stuff as well. It's a very recent part of my life that makes me very happy. I did like 4-5 projects this weekend, one of them is on the beginning of this post, the other one was a request from my sister:

This one was a little bit more challenging. The background is a picture that I took on our swimming pool, the lettering was quite simple, even though I've been working more with layers and shadows so it took a bit more effort. The tiny drawings though, I loved doing those, even though I had to try multiple times. But I am happy with the result. I still have a lot to improve and I'm gladly working on that.

If you have any special request for Lettering or Illustration tell me and I'll do it :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Any special requests for Wednesday's post?

Love <3

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