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Redecorating my room

Hello guys! Today I did a makeover to my room and I love it! Of course it is all Ikea, as per usual.

My room was pretty aesthetic before, but the make up desk wasn't the best option to study, work on my blog and do some lettering. After talking with my parents, we decided to give a little make over to my room in order to have a "make up space", a "sleep space" and a "work space".

Yesterday, me and mom went to Ikea and spent like 2 hours there buying the essentials and then some cute decoration things. At this point, it's still missing two shelves on the wall of the desk (I bought them but I didn't find a guy to put them). So we bought a desk and a chair, tiny ones so that the room wouldn't be full and crowded.

It was tiring because we had to wear masks throughout our shopping time.

Yesterday I was too tired to put everything in place, so I decided to do it this morning. The only thing I had to do was set up my desk and chair. I also added new stuff to my hall, and I'm starting with that :)

The shelf unit is from Ikea, called KALLAX priced 29,99€. It's perfect for decoration and storing your favourite books and school books. Both the jars and flowers were also bought in Ikea, but some of them were years ago. These are the ones from this collection: LUPIN priced at 3,50€ each. Those frames are also from Ikea but I can't recall where the H is from. The lights on the flower and the tiny clothespins I'm using for the polaroids are a pack from Primark. The ribbon under the polaroids is the ribbon from the bouquet I caught at my boyfriend's sister wedding.

The dressing table goes under the name MALM in Ikea. It costs 99,99€. Along with it I got a mirror, NISSEDAL (25€) and one LEDBERG (9,99€) for each side of the mirror. The bench is from Casa, it's called VELURA priced at 29,98€. The small mirror is also from Ikea, TRENSUM (5€). I also have a photo holder from Casa - MONKEY (1,95€). The tiny cute Harry Potter is a Funko Pop from Fnac (14,99€).

My bed doesn't exist anymore, for the sake of everyone, it broke a few months ago, but it was from Conforama. The small pink pillows are from Zara Home and the other four are basics from Ikea. The blanket is from Ikea, it's such a beautiful blue. It costs 19,99€, the product is INGRABITTA. The shelves are LACK (5€ each). Both Succulents (the big ones) are from a pack of three - FEJKA (4€). I don't remember where the pineapple is from, but I think it is from Primark. The jar on the same shelf as the instax was bought some years ago in Ikea. The teddy bear is from a bouquet of flowers my dad gave me on Valentine's Day, and the other flowers are SMYCKA (1,50€ each).

Moving on to the bedside table, it is GLADOM, priced at 15€ (sale!). The lamp is FADO - 12€ and I absolutely LOVE it. Those tiny cute succulents are also FEJKA but tiny (2,50€ a pack of three. Sale!!). Last in this section, but not least, there's one of the cutest presents my dad gave me- that Capricorn Teddy Bear from Swarovski (49€).

This is the brand new part of my room . The desk is MICKE, it was actually cheap, 39,99€ and the chair is TOBIAS, I bought it on sale so it was 49€ instead of 59€ since my mom is a member of Ikea Family. NÄVLINGE is the LED work lamp I have on my desk, it has a great potential for working at night, it was 14€. I also have one succulent from the pack of three in my desk and a cute desk organiser that I use for my pens and pencils called ANILINARE that costed 5€.

As you can see, 99% of my room was decorated with Ikea stuff and I love it, it is simple, pretty and not too expensive. I'm really happy with my room, it smells like new furniture :)

Feel free to contact me with any question! I hope you enjoyed this post!


Lena <3

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