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Recommendations: Mindhunter & more

Hi guys! It's been a long time since the last recommendation post I did. Finally I'll talk about Mindhunter, it's my main recommendation today.

Today's recommendations include this book, series, music and fav products. Stay tuned for Friday's post though. My boyfriend will join me here in Algarve and I'll tell you about my quarantine in the south :)

Without further ado,


(Book and Series)

I'll be honest, I'm an awful reader, and that's something I hate about me. My sister on the other hand, she reads books like I change clothes. (one of these days I'll bring her here to talk about her recommendations & how it was her experience living in the US)

Anyways, this was the one book I loved (and I'm loving, as I said I take one year to read a book) I don't know if I've said this here before, but Law and Design are my college options now, because my dream degree is criminology, but that's a complicated degree to take here, so for a criminology lover, this book is A+. It was written by a FBI Agent that focused on Behavioural Sciences area to try and understand serial killer's behaviours and mostly, their minds. In order to achieve that, he interviewed some of the worst serial killers like Charles Manson and Ed Kemper. One thing I loved about this book is how much detail it gets into, and that's also one thing that made me nauseous - the whole detail the killers get into. All I can say, however, is that this book is amazing, it's not that long - about 400 pages - but it is really interesting.

If you're not a reader, try to watch Mindhunter on Netflix. It's not the same as the book, a lot of details are left behind. However, I loved the series. The main FBI Agent, Holden Ford, portrayed by Jonathan Groff is incredible, but my favorite one is his colleague Bill Tench. Give it a try, I love series that are able to teach you something, and this one certainly is, mainly because it is based on real facts.

You can buy Mindhunter here and watch it here if you have a netflix account.


  1. How I Met Your Mother - So I've seen the whole 8 seasons like three times, but I'm doing it again with my boyfriend. It is available on Netflix and it is one of those series that are so easy to watch and so funny. Every episode is like 25 minutes long and you'll want to binge watch it. This series is about 5 friends that hang out at a bar in New York City. Ted tells his kids all of his adventures along with his friends that led him to meeting their mother - poor kids, it took 8 seasons.

  2. Never Have I Ever - A typical Netflix series about an indian girl and her life in California on the sophomore year. She meets this hot guy and basically this series is about how her life goes on facing her father's death and being in denial. It's a pretty small series, 10 episodes with 25 minutes each, but it's funny and lovely.

  3. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - I remembered this one because Maddie died / disappeared / got kidnaped in a town 20 minutes away from my home in Algarve (and my street is on the documentary, beautiful.). This one is really tough to watch, but I love documentaries and true stories. And the truth is: nobody really knows what happened and that's so annoying. (I mean I think everyone has their theories, at least I have mine...) but watching this documentary lets you form better your own opinion about what could have happened.


So here's my May playlist. This one is full of oldies that I absolutely love. Although I'll still leave here a top 5.


  1. Moment - Victoria Monét

  2. Fire For You - Cannons

  3. I Am Not My Hair - India.Arie

  4. Bakelite Switch - Cosmograf

  5. Lust for Life (Demo Version) - Lana Del Rey


1- Apple iPhone 11 - It's funny how I never spoke about the product I use the most in my life. This is my baby. I absolute love everything about this iPhone, but there are a few features that make me love it even more. First, I am able to take incredible pictures with it, every picture you see in my blog was taken with it. Second, the battery lasts a lifetime. I normally charge it like every two days. Third, it's probably the one thing I bought that makes it worth the kidney. Mine has 64gb and I have no storage problem!

2- Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case - Well, it is really difficult to put and take off, but the only time my phone fell, it was meant to break and it didn't. So it protects insanely

3- Procreate - I finally have amazing news to tell you: my apple pencil will arrive tomorrow or friday!!! The Adonit Mark had a big problem: you can't apply pressure to define the thickness of the line you want to draw. It was amazing to start and learn the procreate features but I think now I'll benefit more with this brand new baby. About procreate though, everyday I find a new feature that I love, I'm trying to learn how to do GIF's now. This app is really really helpful and it lets you do mostly everything and export it with good quality to apply to my products.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Also there are some new products on my store! (and a few delays, I haven't even received my cases but don't worry, they'll arrive <3)

Big kiss <3

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