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Prainha Village - A small village in Algarve with a private beach

I wasn't even born when my family started to spend their holidays in Prainha and Depeche Mode recorded a video there. ( skip to 2:25)

I have photos there from when I was 1 year old so obviously this place is really important for my family..

This place is something out of the ordinary. It actually feels like a tiny village. In Prainha it feels like you're in a world apart. You have everything there, you don't even need to use your car. It has 3 pools (and some houses with private pools), 3 restaurants (2 snack bars and an Italian one) and an AMAZING Bar and Restaurant in the beach called Caniço. There's also a supermarket, a lot of parks and kid's parks too. The italian restaurant is called Miss Pasta. The pizzas are amazing and it has take away for your home!

Fun fact! Do you know how you get to the beach there? An elevator. It is a private small beach, that only owners and the house guests have access - they'll know that you are by your bracelet. Unless the tide is low - in that situation you can pass from the main beach in Alvor for ours (the rocks will hurt your feet but it is possible).

I love flowers - and prainha is full of those specially during Spring. It feels like paradise. It has a lot of houses, different ones, it has apartments, villas (with or without private pools), apartments with beach view and private pool, you should really check out their website and maybe book a holiday there!

On the last picture, you can see a big big big pool that they call Atlantic Pool. It has sea view and a snack bar where we usually have lunch. I always ask for the same: a diet coke and a ham and mozzarella sandwich. I love that snack bar, you can leave your towels on your beach chairs.

By night, you can also sit on the beach, drink wine and cocktails from the bar Caniço that has great vibes - and great food btw. It also serves dinner: it has amazing fish and seafood plates. You can have lunch there as well: you can either enjoy their snack bar with the best sandwiches in the world or their normal plates.

There's nothing better than going there for pistachio ice cream at the end of the afternoon.

(First and third pictures taken from Caniço's facebook)

The beach is breathtaking - apart from being private and having an elevator - when the tide is low you have access to little caves that you can explore and catch shrimp. The water has beautiful colors and the sunset on that little beach is something unique. I usually spend Christmas, Carnival, Easter, August and Halloween there. It is so quiet in every occasion other than summer, really peaceful. I remember spending Easter's day 2 years ago on the beach swimming. A Halloween having dinner in Caniço with summer clothes.

All in all, I really recommend this tiny little paradise for all of you around the world. It would be a perfect way to celebrate getting out of lockdown when you do.

Check out prainha's website and IG: @grupoprainha

If you've ever been to prainha, share your pics with me on my IG @lenadosantos or @bellesliving

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