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Plans & goals for the next few months

Hey guys! Happy Monday. How was your weekend? If you follow me on IG, you know that this was the most voted post for today. However, I have news! From now on, every poll where you get to choose what I write about will be available on my Patreon profile. It is one of the benefits from becoming a patron with a tier. I created Patreon last week so I haven't done a lot with it.

As I get to Porto, I'll work more on it. I'll start posting daily and maybe adding more benefits to each tiers.

Without further ado, here are my plans for each month until September (goals only for july, I can't think that far). Then I'll talk in general :) (Note: This post will be more text than pictures)

Plans: July is going to be torn in two parts: I have July fully planned, first two weeks back home, in Porto, and the other two in Prainha, again. There's not much to talk about the Prainha part, beach, pool, the usual I've been doing these last few weeks. About Porto, I have so many things to do back home! First, I'm going to enjoy being in my room, my safe space and just make up for the time I was away. Then, I'm going to spend time with my grandparents, I miss them so much!!

I'm also going to renew the right side of my room (that I didn't work much on) and hopefully it will be as cute as I imagine. I'm going to add a desk and kind of a "work place" on my room as aesthetic as it can be since I'm going to college next year and this year we'll have part of the classes home. So I need a quiet, organised place to work on.

I'll be also going back to Ballet!! It's so exciting to go back. (While I'm on Porto I'm going to have so much content for you guys omg). At least this week, from Wednesday, I'll have classes everyday! So A little bit of my routine is coming back, I'm so thankful for that.

I'm sad that I'll only spend there two weeks, it's home and I miss it like crazy. Hopefully I can be with my friends again, that I haven't seen since March!

On the second part of July, I'll be back here for another month. It will be good to go more to the beach and to the pool, pretty much what I've done until now.

(Yes I'm still reading Mindhunter... I don't read as much as I'd love to)

Goals: This month I'm going to set a few goals so when August comes, I'll tell you which ones I actually did.

  1. Lose the weight I gained during quarantine

  2. Be a bit more productive

  3. Get more audience and engage more with them

  4. Do an IG live and a Patreon live

  5. Get 3 Patrons (see not asking a lot!)

  6. Improve on Ballet

  7. Make my calligraphy a bit better and work more on it

  8. Go to bed earlier

  9. Take care of me and my anxiety

  10. Decorate my room as I said I would <3

August, once more, the first two weeks will be spent in the Algarve, same old. When I go back to Porto, I really want to get my life back on track, continue working on Belle's Living and investing on Patreon. I also want to start doing ballet daily, to go back to how I was. Hopefully I'll be able to prepare myself for the last year of high school.

If every thing goes as planned, I'll start school in September, just like ballet. I'm really uncertain about this, I don't have a clue if COVID will get worse and we won't be able to get out again.. Let's see, and hope for the best. This year is certainly different from every thing that we've been through so it's difficult to plan long ahead.

Anyways, until the end of the year, I'm planning on achieving new goals with this tiny project, hopefully get a better GPA this year and the most important of all, focus on myself and my health.

I'm going to be 18 on Jan 4th 2021, so we were planning to go to NYC in December / January, probably we won't be able to, but let's see <3

Feel free to contact me through any way I provide you here, whether if it is IG or email.


Lena .

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