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NYC Scholarship & New Routine

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Hey guys, things have been pretty different around here. Still, November was just another month facing COVID and adapting to it.

It's exhausting having to go to school and almost everyday receiving an email that our school has another case - Portugal is in a really bad situation. Basically, what I did was try to be more careful and avoid contact, but that ends up being a bit depressing.


The beginning of my month was a little sad, I had to take a week off school, I wasn't keeping up and I couldn't be awake in time due to anxiety meds. So I stopped, and I stopped ballet as well - tried to do two classes online. Unfortunately, what comes along with anxiety is lack of motivation. However, slowly, things will get back on track.

There was a big change this month, I have no shame talking about the weight I gained during this outbreak, when everything stopped and I went to Algarve. Anxiety was awful, online school and ballet was depressing and the only activity I did was walking around (beach, prainha) and swimming. Also, eating. It's not that I ate a lot more than I used to, but there was certainly more comfort food.

I started to feel really unhappy with my body even though most of my clothes still fit at this point. I avoided weighting myself and all of that. Until the day I did. Believe me, in two days I went to a nutritionist. I felt like I needed to do something other than crying, so I went there.

Being totally honest, my doc was incredible, she didn't make me eat all of those stuff normal people don't like and didn't cut off carbs, per example. She actually gave me a really sustainable diet. Furthermore, during this month, I have to write down everything I eat, the exercise I do and hours of sleep - and no lies!


Woke up: 7.30am

Breakfast (7.45am): Milk with coffee; 2 slices of bread with honey

Snack (10am): 1 apple

Lunch (1pm): 1 tb spoon of soup; grilled chicken and rice; banana

Exercise (4pm): 25 minutes intensive or 50 minutes of ballet

Snack (5.30pm): Same as breakfast or fruit

Dinner (8.30pm): Soup with meat or lunch variation (1tbs of soup + normal meal), apple

Sleep: 12am

I have been doing this for two weeks and exercise for one, I lost 2,7kg which kept me super motivated! Truth being told though, I was forbidden of eating junk food for a month, and chocolate, which hurt my heart. One day I was reeeeally sad and I ate chocolate, but I wrote it down, honesty helps me more than lying to someone who's trying to help me.

As I said earlier, I either do ballet classes or intensives online. I am awful at cardio but those intensives are totally helping. When it comes to ballet, before my class I like to warm up for a few minutes. Either with or without my Gaynor Minden flexibility band.

Also, I've been working on my bullet journal - and soon on the one for Belle's Living. It's so good to get this back in my life. It makes me more organised and I have some time for myself, to do things I love and to keep record of what I do so I can remember since my memory is a bit shitty lately.


Saved the best for last. Everyone knows my dream is to live and work in NYC one day as a lawyer. Lately I've been really interested in pursuing a career in the United Nations and have a voice in powerful issues. So I found out about Change the World Model UN. I was super excited - even though it is really expensive - and I decided to apply.

I had a difficult interview. Where in 10 minutes I had to read a text and comment it. Furthermore they asked me tricky questions, still, I was always honest. At the end of the interview, I thought I wasn't getting in.

Later I received and email that let me crying.

Not only I had passed, I also got a scholarship worth 1000€ and stay in NYC.

As much as it pains me, after a family talk, we decided to turn it down due to COVID-19. Things are complicated and in March it won't be better. At least not good enough to be safe to travel, alone to a country that has a lot of cases.

Hopefully next year I will make my way to another scholarship. I really think the purpose of CWMUN is incredible, you get to hear the opinion of people from all around the world about global issues and you get to be heard as well.

Even though I won't make it, I'm still really happy for this achievement. It meant so much to be. Knowing that I am capable and one day I'll be there made me really happy. I want to have great experiences for my CV, more importantly learn and also I miss NYC so damn much.

So that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed it.




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