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Prainha is the new lockdown; surprising my boyfriend

"Finally, I'm crossing the threshold

From the ordinary world

To the reveal of my heart"

Hi guys! Yesterday was a long day: It included a 6-hour car trip, surprising my boyfriend after being 2 months away from him and packing like half my house to move quarantine to the other side of my country. The most eventful day on quarantine.

It was weird, I had panic attacks about leaving the house and this new reality I was about to face - like meeting with my boyfriend with masks and gloves and seeing a place that is full of people completely empty. But we did it anyways and now I can tell you it was a great choice since it was done carefully.

The trip was a joke and tiring as hell. The first part of the trip was from Porto to Leiria. It was about a 1h30 drive through the highway but also through tiny tiny streets and driving up a mountain - the view was breathtaking.

We finally did it to my boyfriend's house and when I saw him - well I had to hug him. It was fine though, he's quarantined as well but still we both wore masks.

I couldn't let his birthday end without getting to see him.

We were both so happy for getting to see each other even under those circumstances. Gladly, he liked his gifts (I mean, me being one :p) and we sang him a happy birthday and got to spend a bit of time together. It was the best thing that happened to me in the last few months, I had missed him so much and I felt so much better when I saw him... jesus. So I got his present, a cake and a letter. I gave him a game called Pick Your Poison that I bought on fnac: here. (if your not from portugal nor spain you can get it here) It seems so much fun and I just felt like he would love it. Still, Cards Against Humanity is better.

It was fulfilling and I can't wait to be with him again - he will join me here next week.

Our car trip continued and it was tiring, at this point, me and my parents were so sleepy that my dad had to drive while on calls but we finally got here, and today was my first day.

About yesterday though, when we got here the first thing I did was unpack - since I'm going to be here for a while it's important to make the place feel a bit more like home.

I had to bring almost everything - all my school books and ballet stuff. I'm quarantined here but life still goes on. I still have online school and ballet. Afterwards we went to the supermarket because we didn't have anything here. Like anything. So we bought food - and a mini salted caramel cheesecake.

And today is a brand new day, I slept like a baby, I swear, I had classes and then spent the afternoon on my garden listening to the rain and studying for tomorrow's test. I ate natural yogurt with honey granola and that made me very happy.

The big letdown here is that I don't have internet - I'm using my dad's hotspot that doesn't last forever... hopefully we'll fix that soon!!

I think this was a really good choice to start over quarantine in a better place with better energy. I'm really looking forward to create a new routine that makes me walk a bit or swim a bit - always with precaution - in order to go through this quarantine a bit happier, I think we all need that.

I'll still be working on Belle's Living and lettering/design for my shop for new ideas and cool stuff.

I hope you liked it.

P.S.: there are new products on my store!

Love <3

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