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My top 5 outfits

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. But here I am today. I'm going to show you my favorite outfits, where they're from and size! Most of the outfits are summer ones - once we'll only get out of quarantine during summer.

FIRST OUTFIT - Winter one

I love this outfit! The cute pink jacket is from Zara, on the size M and it costed 39,99€. I love this jacket so much. It is really comfortable, it was the one I used during this winter.

The white shirt is from Forever 21 which I bought in Lisbon. It is really cold, but the fitting is amazing - it is good to wear like in May. I think it is S, the size. It costed about 14€.

Those are my favorite jeans. They are low rise (size 38. I usually wear 36 but since these are low rise I bought 38) from Springfield. I bought a pack of two for 40€. They are really comfortable and warm. I don't know I just love their color!!

One of my favorite products EVER - the shoes. They are from natura. Size 37. They are also sold in black. I love these so so much! Honestly, they are really comfortable. I can walk a full day with them and still they're very comfortable. Seriously, check them out, I really recommend, and they're not expensive at all - 22€.


Honestly, I don't know where the shoes are from, but even though they're beautiful, they hurt a lot after a couple of hours. The dress is so good for really hot days. I bought it in Pull & Bear, size S. It is a good go to for a summer night.


I used this outfit to go have dinner in Cascais with my boyfriend. Literally, this whole outfit is from Zara, except for the shoes. That shirt is one of my favorites in the world! I bought it last year, and I don't remember the price, sadly. The jeans are also from zara, on the size 38. I really don't use them anymore because they're larger than what I use. However, I still recommend them, they are really comfortable, low rise as well. and when I used them, they were skinny on the legs - which I love.

Now onto the shoes. They're from Seaside, costed about 24€. I love them, it is difficult to match with another outfits because of the color, but I think that they sell them in black as well.


First of all, and honestly least important, I'm wearing my pink superstars and even tough superstars are cool and whatever I don't recommend at all. The black stripes ones were my favorites, and just like these ones and the all white ones, they start to have a bad look like half an year after I buy them.

Onto this jumpsuit. I love it so so much. It is actually my sister's. She bought it in Baltimore in 2018 on a Forever 21. It is so fresh and also good for hot summer days.


These pictures are from June 2019. When I was blond-ish and at school. I miss school, and I never thought I would say that. So has you can see, I love jumpsuits. This one is more of a spring one, it is a little warm. It is from Pull&Bear, on the size S. My jacket is from Bershka. I use it from spring until fall. It is really good for cold-ish summer nights aswell. I don't remember the price, unfortunately, but it is size M. And if it was today I would've bought L to be a bit more comfy.

Last, but not least, those all stars were also bought in Baltimore 2 years ago. But the patter is beautiful.


I didn't mention some of my favorite brands. My all time favorite is Tommy Hilfiger, I can do a post about it on another day, I have to purses from there, my school bag / tote is from there as well and so is my wallet. I love the quality and at least the price isn't that overrated. My perfume is also from Tommy - Tommy Girl.

Brownie and Brandy Melville. I think their style is very alike. Although, I admit, they are expensive, but their products' quality is amazing.

Lately I've been really into stradivarius, it has grown a lot in the last few years.

That's it for today!

Should I come by tomorrow and talk about my favorite accessories?

Have a great weekend!

QUICK RECOMMENDATION: watch good girls on netflix: really!

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