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My Room Decor

So here is my room! My room is mostly decorated from Ikea. Apart from a few things that I'll get in detail later. My room is my safe place and when I was doing its decoration I tried to make it as comfortable as possible so it could be my "little space". 

Moving on to the furniture: so my bed is from Conforama and honestly it sucks, a friend of mine broke it when he sat on the white border of the bed, so yeah, not that strong but it looks cute nonetheless! My pillows (the four big ones) are from Ikea and so are its covers, the little ones are from Zara home. The bedspread is from Ikea as well, the white blanket is from Pierre Cardin and the blue one from Ikea. On the right side of the head I have a bookshelf (called KALLAX - 29,99€) from Ikea.

On the left side, second photo, is the best part.  The desk is from Ikea, MALM 99,99€ and so is the mirror (NISSEDAL, 25€) and its lights (LEDBERG, 9,99€ each side). On the desk I have my macbook but that's not decor. I also have a face mirror (TRESNUM, 5€) from Ikea as well, a note pad from Note (portuguese brand). Lastly, the bench is from Casa and it is called VELURA - 29,95€.

Moving onto the walls, I have a few stars that I bought in Madrid and I don't recall the store, those two shelves are from Leroy Merlin along with the pink rug. The pineapple is from Primark, and the rest is literally everything from Ikea (flowers and bedside table - GLADOM, 19€). Last but not least I have my pink instax which I looooove so much and I recommend for cute little pics. 

So there it is, everything from my room was bought 1-2 years ago but I can assure you the ikea stuff is still for sale. The only thing I don't recommend here is the bed yeah. 

See ya soon! 

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