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My Go-To Make-up products and Skin Care

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I don't use make-up that much - sadly because I love it. Although, back when I was in school, some days I'd wake up earlier to put my face prettier :) This was one of those days (yes my room was different on the first one!)

I normally use some specific products and I'm really satisfied with the ones I have now. Firstly, I'm using a really cute shirt my father gave me from Morgan and, as per usual, my Bond Touch. On the first one I still had my iPhone 7 and I was using the Apple case. On the second picture, my case is from Burga.

Moving onto make up, those were basic days of make up for me: foundation, mascara, highlighter and lipstick.

I start by applying the Clinique's moisture surge - it is really important if you want your skin hydrated when you take off your make up. Then, I move on to my foudation, which believe me, I've tried A LOT of foundations and this is the best one I've ever used. Clinique's anti-blemish solutions (nr 28 IVORY) really covers mostly everything. Although, sometimes I need a little bit of concealer to cover my dark circles - I use Maybelline's Instant Anti Age (I can't tell the number) and it works just as fine. Back to the foundation, it is really good, while it covers your imperfections it also treats your acne problem, so most of the times, when I take it off, my skin looks better than it was when I applied it.

Me and eyeliner don't have a very good relationship, I love it, but my eyes are really small, which makes it difficult to apply eyeliner decently. However, when I use it, I prefer Flash Cat Eye by L'Oreal Paris. It has a tool for people like me that have no clue how to make a wing, so you put that triangle in the corner of your eye and follow the lines. Although, if you're like me it won't help :)

Another essential is Brow Drama by Maybelline in the color transparant. It fixes your eyebrows during the entire day.

Mascara is a must - even if I don't have foundation on - and I have two: Too Faced Better Than Sex and Clarins' Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D. I love them both and honestly it depends on the day the one I use. But I think that Better Than Sex curles more my eyelashes- which are really straight. I like Clarins just as much though, it is really smooth to apply and it does a great job as well.

I used to have another mascara that I loved- I still have it but it's empty: Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara NR1 Deep Black. It does just as much as Better Than Sex but it has the best smell I've ever smelled in make-up and it has that cool feature on the brush, it moves to a 90º position so that you can reach the corner of your eyes.

Afterwards I apply the finishing powder. Now I use NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder but I had one from H&M which name I can't recall and it was better than this one. NYX's one fits the purpose though.

For the highlighter I use Kiko's FALL 2.0 Highlighter 1 Gold In Process which makes you GLOW. You should be careful with this one. It really makes you glow a lot so don't use much.

I LOVE NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. It gives your make up a really good look and it is soooo fresh.

For me, lipstick is the most important part, so I have a few that I use the most. On the first picture I'm using NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream on the shade "London", on the second picture, I'm using Kat Von D Cream Lipstick on the shade "Lolita".


  1. Kat Von D Cream Lipstick "Lolita"

  2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream "London"

  3. Kat Von D Cream Lipstick "Misfit"

  4. NARS "Red District" Lip Gloss

  5. KOKO by Kylie Cosmetics "Damn Gina" Lip Gloss

  6. (one extra!) Victoria's Secret Velvet Matte "Adored"

About the first one and the third, they are super smooth and long lasting, and over time they dry in your lips, but not the bad type of drying, they simply don't pass to cups or whatever. I just hate their smell.

The second one it really soft, and it is the one I use on daily basis, the thing about it - it doesn't last that long.

The NARS one is perfect, honestly that's it.

"Damn Gina", is great, I love the smell, the only bad thing is that eventually you will notice your face is covered in glitter.

The Victoria's Secret one is super smooth and perfect too.

Last, but not least, I apply my perfume - Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger. It is so fresh, and the smell lasts the whole day.

- I rarely use eyeshadows, but when I do, I use concealer and do it before the foundation to avoid the fall out that this palette has. It is my favorite nonetheles: Huda Beauty Nude Light. The colors are absolutely stunning and easy to work with. -

Skin Care Routine

When I take off my make up, I use Nivea make-up wipes. I think they really do take everything off and hydrate your face at the same time. Right after that I apply my Clinique's Anti Blemish Solution Clarifying Lotion that will dry my spots and prevent more from growing. Then, if I have active spots I use the Clinique's Anti Blemish Solutions All-over Clearing Treatment and apply it all over my face. When I only have scars I use Avène Cicalfate.

That's it :) I hope you enjoyed.

P.S.: for the links just click in the name of the products.

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