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My creative process for a productive day (&tips!)

Hi guys! Wednesday we had our first guest! Did you like Rita? I think she is amazing! If you haven't seen Rita's post check it out here . Anyways, next Wednesday there'll be another guest! Today I decided to write about my creative process and what I do for a day to be productive.

Lately, it has been very difficult to be productive, my "office" back in Porto was way cuter than this one but we have to learn to work with what we have, and I've had some really productive days (and some really lazy ones). I'll show you my Porto office and my Algarve one.

In Porto, I had my really aesthetic tiny room (that I truly miss) and it was really easy to get inspired there, here I just go for a walk, think about the things my life are made of to try to bring you new content.

As you know, the main things I do in my life are this website (that gives me way more work than I could ever imagine), studying, classes, lettering and illustration and ballet. I currently stopped Ballet (I go to the same academy as Rita!) and I really miss it, can't wait to go back to Porto to have some classes that aren't online.

I focus a lot more now on the creative part of my life - which includes Belle's Living and procreate. However, I still have deadlines, group works and tests to study for. Putting it all in my schedule when I live in a beautiful place by the beach and the pool, it gets complicated to do everything.

For my school work, I normally do everything as quickly as I can, but in case I forget, I have this very very annoying app called Microsoft To Do that when you set a deadline, until you check it on the day as done, it will annoy you every second with notifications.

I love to have my weekends clear, that's one of the things that gives me some motivation for school work. I 'd rather take two or three hours on one day and hand in everything rather than doing everything in separate days - including weekends.

Belle's Living gives me a lot more to work on. First, I actually need to feel creative and have the inspiration to write. All of my posts have an average of 4 minutes reading so, with photos and all, it takes about 1 hour to write. I love the process though.

The days that I write better posts are the days that I feel good with myself - when I'm being productive. As funny as it seems, those are the days that I have online classes. I wake up early and that's something so positive for me - because I sleep sooo much. I love thursdays since, normally, I have classes from 9 to 4, I take a break during lunch to go to the pool, I study a bit, then do some lettering, and at night I write my post happily.

Honestly, one thing that makes me have these productive days is having some time for myself. Either if it is watching a series on netflix or just going on a walk. I think that, in order to be productive, you really need to save up some time for yourself.

As you know, Belle's Living has a store and I also try to keep my IG account aesthetic and with some lettering / illustration work. I don't have ideas everyday and the app I work with - Procreate - is a whole world to explore. There's a lot I need to improve, of course, so, right now, I'm focusing on learning rather then doing new stuff. I have a lot of projects already on my store and the digital store. I'll leave here some of my practice I've been doing. Every Tuesday has amazing sheets to improve your lettering and I am using udemy to buy classes to learn how to draw cartoons!

Practicing Lettering

Practicing Cartoons

To sum all of this up, I'll leave here 5 tips for you to be productive (they work for me)


  1. Wake up early

  2. Go for a walk

  3. Work in a comfy place, where you feel inspired

  4. Listen to music

  5. Take some time for yourself.

P.S.: You know how I LOVE Starbucks and Iced Coffee? Look what I got today ehehe:

I hope you enjoyed this post. There will be another one up tomorrow and on my IG @lenadosantos there'll be a live at 9PM GMT! Stay tuned <3

Big kiss

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