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Mini shopping haul & favourite stores

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting that much. Today I'm going back to Algarve so these two weeks I focused on enjoying being home. During this time, I also went shopping. Not much, but I was really in need of some shorts.

Let me just say to you, it is awful going shopping during this whole situation: it's hot and you have to wear a mask. Not the ideal situation at all. However, that's what we have to do. Still, I'd recommend online shopping if you know the sizes and all. I didn't buy a lot of stuff because I wasn't in the mood for shopping and I'll never be during COVID.

Due to the pandemic, we want to spend less time in a mall, so I decided that I'd only go to my favourite stores that we have here in Porto (and I even forgot one...). Not clothes related, but we got taco bell. I love myself a quesadilla.

I decided to buy myself a gift. This year hasn't been easy so I'd love myself a bit. I bought one of the simplest, yet the most beautiful Pandora rings there are. I absolutely love it. I have to bought the smaller size they made because I have baby hands, but I'm so in love with it. Simple jewellery that you can use everyday is a must for me, and Pandora combines that with classy vibes. The ring's name is Beaded Wish on the size 48. (there are shorter sizes but you have to order)

This is like the cutest skirt I've ever had! Both the skirt and the top are from Pull&Bear. One of my favourite stores. They are both really good for hot days, the shirt is cotton. I love this simple outfits and, most of all, I love skirts and dresses on summer, they're way better to use.

I'm seriously considering buying every single colour of this shirt, I love it. So, the skirt is size M. The t-shirt is a L, it is really really small, I normally use S.

The t-shirt is the same. This shorts have a funny story. I normally use 36. But with quarantine, I got back at 38, that fits perfectly. However, I like loose shorts, so I bought a 40. If you look close, in real life, you notice they're a little big, but they're comfortable nonetheless! I love this combination, I look like an egg :D Moving on, these shorts are from Bershka (a store that I actually don't love), as I said, their size 40. But still, I'm pretty sure a 36 would fit me too, depends on how you want them to look. They have a cool feature on the sides of the waist part, where you can adjust the size.

That was it! I also bought a dress and a shirt on Algarve, I can leave here pics as well!

This shirt is from Springfield, it was on sale at the time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on the website. It is so cute, but a bit warm.

The scrunchie is from Pull&Bear. It is so cute! I love it, and I wear it a lot.

This is my favourite dress ever! It's perfect for a hot summer day, it gives me Lana Del Rey vibes and it is white! It's also from Pull&Bear, size S. The bandana I'm using is from Natura, as you can see I love white and yellow on my outfits.


  1. Pull&Bear

  2. Forever21

  3. Zara

  4. Brandy Melville

  5. Stradivarius

  6. Brownie

  7. Green Coast

  8. Mango

  9. Levi's

  10. Springfield

I hope you enjoyed this post. During the weekend, I'll release a VIDEO blog post (so a vlog basically) with a really cute and close to the heart subject with funny details! Stay tuned <3

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