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A series of mini blog posts (Part 2)

Hi guys. Here's the part 2 from yesterday's post! Remember? I'll leave here a recap: I had a new idea for a post. Sometimes I have so many ideas, but they're too short to make a blog post about them. This morning I just thought about putting them all together and make a blog post! Two of the ideas I wanted to talk about I made an IG post and I'll paste it here, then you'll have a few more topics.

Do you mind if I give you a table of contents?

  1. A cute book everyone should read;

  2. Ballet and gaining weight during COVID;

  3. Going to my last year of school;

  4. Patreon, Belle's Living & IG updates.

Number 1 and 2 were covered on yesterday's post, so onto the next two!

Going to my last year of school

Senior year is always full of expectations for every one. It's not like I was imagining a typical senior year from those movies, but I was / am expecting prom, actual classes and a fun year.

I'm still really excited about my last year of school, but a bit scared. One thing is certain: we will have to use masks. And the rest is uncertain. We don't know if we'll have normal classes or online ones, if we'll have breaks, if Ballet is going to happen.

Right now, all I want for senior year, is to be like the last year, or 10th grade. To write this post I went through pictures I'd take on a normal day. (most of them are IG pictures)

For me, I'd be happy if I could go to school on my 10 min metro, listening to my music and taking pictures of my outfits on my favorite spot of the metro. (As you can see on the picture, exact same spot)

Then, just go upstairs and wait for out teacher to arrive, still listening to some music sat on the floor, seeing my friends arrive, on mornings like this one.

Have my classes, and our breaks, walk around school with friends and go to the bar. Those little things we normally do but we never value.

My school is so cold on mornings, so I'd be so cozy every day with my jacket and scarf. Some days, I even left them on the whole day, and I would complain at home. Now I look back at it and I smile.

Let's not forget those bathroom selfies.

After a morning of classes, just have those amazing lunches my mum would made me, and either go out or just sit under the sun with my friends. And before afternoon classes, on some days just enjoy a Kit Kat.

After classes I'd either go home study or I'd go to ballet earlier and study a bit.

If I'd go home, I'd actually appreciate being home, studying alone and alone in my room. I love those study sessions so much, sadly they lost value when they became the usual this year. However, I'd put on comfy clothes and some music and study like I really wanted to.

If I'd go to ballet, studying there with my cup of starbucks was one of my favorite things to do, I wasn't alone, the girls are funny and then I knew I'd be able to have a cool class. Some days I had privates and then I'd wait for my level class like 3h studying.

Then, I'd just go home, tired as hell, and still I'd gladly study, talk to my boyfriend and go to sleep.

This is what I wanted my senior year to be. I just wanted it to be like last one, but with more ballet classes and no masks. I just wanted good and happy memories, a healthy routine and good times.

I'm happy about going back though, I can't wait for university, hopefully Law.

Patreon, Belle's Living & IG Updates

I recently created a Patreon account. I created this for those who are interested in what I do on lettering and design. Basically, you pay different amounts to have access to different things, I'll leave here the tiers before explaining better.

I thought I could bring to those who are interested my creative process, my work place, unreleased work, downloadable content, etc! I added a lot of benefits to my tiers and tried to make the prices as low as I could once this isn’t about money for me, just about sharing with others what I know and what I love to do. I post every week, more than once for different tiers.

Now, Belle's Living is pretty much the same, every week I add new store items and I just wanted to remind you that you can sign in as a member and have access to the blog & store through the wix app (check my homepage).

Onto IG! Well, I finally was able to add my products to my account and I can do wonderful things like this:

You can now have easy access to my products!

I also created some filters!! It took me a while! But I absolutely love them and I want you to try them if you have the time!

That's it for today sweethearts!

Lots of love <3

My IG is @lenadosantos

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