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A series of mini blog posts (Part 1)

Hi guys. I had a new idea for a post. Sometimes I have so many ideas, but they're too short to make a blog post about them. This morning I just thought about putting them all together and make a blog post! Two of the ideas I wanted to talk about I made an IG post and I'll paste it here, then you'll have a few more topics.

Do you mind if I give you a table of contents?

  1. A cute book everyone should read;

  2. Ballet and gaining weight during COVID;

  3. Going to my last year of school;

  4. Patreon, Belle's Living & IG updates.

A cute book everyone should read

A few days ago I went to a supermarket with my parents and I saw this book - I instantly fell in love with it as soon as I discovered what it was about.

As you know, I love writing - otherwise I wouldn’t have a blog - and I love illustration & design -@doodlesbylenajoao. The title and the cover were super cute, but I decided to read the synopsis & the about the author. The author is Naela Ali - @naelaali - and the book is Stories for Rainy Days -@storiesforrainydays.

At first, I was like, ok, we’re in the middle or summer so it doesn’t make sense for me to read it now. But I did. And I read it from the first page until the very least during this afternoon. It was lovely.

The illustrations combined with her thoughts or short stories made it so beautiful. I related with some of the things she wrote. It’s easy to read, yet, it makes you want it to last forever. The short stories are so relatable and so likely to happen in every girl’s life, that’s one of the things that makes it lovely.

My day was great by reading this. It was literally the last one on the store - I’m grateful I got it. I’ve never been a reader. However, this one made me read happily. It inspired me to go through my random texts I have somewhere in my mac and write.

So, if you have the time, I really recommend this book.

Mainly, if you're a person that likes to do some meaningful light-reading this is great. It inspired my to do, someday, my own illustrations and then write a short story about them. I'll leave here one of my favourite quotes from the author.

I think love is no different from a cactus.

Everybody knows it's going to hurt if you touch

them, but you touch it anyway.

Or maybe the best thing is to keep a certain distance

so you won't get hurt.

It's best to admire from afar, right?

I don't know if this quote is specific from the one I read (there exist 3 volumes now), but I had read it online a few days ago, and it is very similar to what you can read on the book. For Portuguese people, I have here some of my favourite pages.

Ballet and gaining weight during COVID

The first two pictures were taken in August 2020 (yesterday) and the third one was taken in September 2019, where my life was the most active and I'd do ballet everyday.

My body changed. For a person that had an active life - living in a home with a lot of stairs, also stairs at school, walking around a lot, had ballet practically every day with some killer flexibility / strength classes on mondays - and even if I didn’t have I’d practice something at home - being stuck at home (not able to go to school or actually GO to ballet..) changed everything, even worse, being quarantined in a smaller home far away from my hometown. Online isn’t the same and I failed in so many ways when it came to online classes (either Ballet or school).

Then, only the anxiety that everyone of us has to live with right now plus my regular anxiety was like perfect recipe to stop, get worse and putting on weight.

However, I’m glad I was still able to improve my flexibility even when it’s been almost a month since the last time I danced / practiced. But I know that what I practiced at home, sometimes alone, sometimes even at school back in June, it killed me, I was tired, sore and out of shape (as I'm writing, about 18h after I practiced, I'm complaining to my mom about how bad my back hurts) - I still am. I just noticed that your body adapts itself. After months, I was still kinda able to do pointe without breaking a foot, and my splits got better even - so did my back flexibility, a bit.

So I guess putting on weight didn’t ruin everything.

What we’re facing isn’t something common, ok, I could’ve been more careful, but putting weight is literally the least of our problems.

Hopefully, September will bring me a little bit of my normal life, and things will come back to “normal”.

Weight comes and goes, gladly. It makes me insecure, but it shouldn’t.

So this was the first part of this mini series, I'd rather post two posts of 4 min each, than one with 10, that'd be exhausting.

Tomorrow I'll release the last two topics!

See ya <3

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