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Miami & Orlando Trip

Hi guys! Today I was forbidden from going back to school this year due to asthma. My doctor gave me permission to go to Prainha if I still respect lockdown. That's what I'll do and I'll talk more about it next Friday.


Right after I went to New York City for the first time in my life - in 2013 - we caught a plane to Orlando, but it had a stop in Philadelphia. It was a tragic flight. I'll actually show you guys the little plane we flew in. Literally, it was tragic. On our way to Philadelphia there was a snow storm and the airplane was acting like crazy with turbulence. Jesus....

After a few hours, we finally got to Orlando. It was so hot, around 25ºC at night (we had just been in NYC with -1ºC) so perfect for a catching a cold - like my mom did, and ended drinking what lasted of a bottle or coughing syrup on the airport because security wouldn't let it in the airplane as if it was water).

First things first, I'm sorry for my 10-year-old ass face, but that's what I got at the time xD.

Anyways, we were super excited since we would be spending 3 days on the Universal Theme Park - I was 10 I mean, I was so happy.

Walking around Universal and seeing walking Simpsons and Shrek and MINIONS it felt like a world totally apart, that't I was aware that it was fake but it felt good to think as if it wasn't.

It honestly felt like being in the movie sets and inside the movie at some point, that's why I liked more Universal Studios rather than the other part of the park.

It was actually sad that I was only on one rollercoaster. The first one I went to was one of the worst of the park. The name was Dragon Challenge (on the harry potter section) and I was scared for life along my mother - that was screaming every possible portuguese curse name hoping that no one would understand. As you can expect, after that me and my mom stayed in land while my father and my sister went to the rest of the rollercoasters.

Mardi Gras on these theme park was INSANE. A huge parade, colourful and fun during a rainy night along with singers like Austin Mahone. Basically, Universal was full of parades, one during day time with all these characters like Simpsons, Minons, etc I MEAN THERE WAS GRU'S HOUSE no one can have a bad day in this park!


  1. Harry Potter (the ride and the actual section) - Growing up as a Harry Potter fan, I was going insane. The castle, the train, diagonalley... it looked exactly the same. We had butterbeer along with fish and chips and the whole vibe on that restaurant felt like we were in Harry Potter. The ride inside Hogwarts was beautiful, at the end, hologram version of Harry Potter cast clapped at us after winning a quiditch game.

2. Simpsons Ride - This one was funny and cute at the same time. Maggie was giant and Sideshow Bob was trying to kill the Simpons' the whole ride.

3. Jurassic Park Ride - this one was so good - I love the ones that include water. It was a peaceful ride at first, where we were just on a lake looking at the forest and the dinosaurs around us. At the end, a big ass cliff made us get wet :)


We did a car trip from Orlando to Miami. We had a little gift we weren't expecting... a tornado. I don't have pictures of it, but I found videos on the internet. What I can tell you is that it was scary af. Emergency alerts would cut out the radio, telling you to hide in a shelter.. we were terrified, we hadn't seen anything like that. It felt like we were still on a Universal Ride, lol... As soon as we got to Miami, things were calm, but that trip was awful, my dad had to drive away from the tornado and those alerts would scare the shit out of us, as if the world was ending in x minutes. listen to this - the emergency alert. Now imagine my portuguese 10 year old ass listening to this. the tornado.


So we finally got to Fort Lauderdale after a tornado... At least the weather was really pretty in Miami! My father went to work for a few days in Houston (back in the time where he used to work on the USA) so me, my mom and my sister were left in a pretty cool hotel basically at the beach where we had such a fun time! We went to the beach and found out the meaning of the purple flag -indicates a hazard from dangerous marine life (in that day was Portuguese Man O'war - ironic). Other than that day, we had good sea days :) and the hotel had a pool so yes it was amazing. My mom also got pizza on a nearby restaurant and pringles from a CVS and we had dinner on the hotel - that's one of the memories I remember the most to be honest.

Still from when my father was away, we visited Fort Lauderdale, the part where it actually had houses that cost probably more digits than my phone number, dang, I want to have a house there when I'm older. They have a place for their boats. Incredible, I love Florida. We even saw a manatee!!

When my father returned (I think?) we went to the Keys. I remember that car trip like perfectly - I was listening to Lana del Rey - I was also 10 years old - and finding it really boring that it took like 5 hours of bridges just to see a not that great beach and chicken... the best part was the car trip to be honest, the view was amazing.

It was amazing. I loved this trip, that's why I was grumpy when we left. Our last day we went to Miami City and I wish we had seen more of it, but it was beautiful. After these two weeks I knew the USA had a special place in my heart.

That's it about Florida :) I hope you liked this post. It gave me a lot of mental work to remember this, and a lot of nostalgia.

I definitely think you should put Florida in your destination plans. All those theme parks and those beaches in Miami.. hell even the tornados. I'm happy because we had the whole FL experience.

See you guys on Sunday!

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