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Me in 20 facts

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hey guys. I wrote this post in a different environment. I normally write at home in a quiet place, but this time I decided to write Sunday afternoon by the pool listening to one of my favorite albums.

On one of many poll’s I’ve done through my time writing, one of the most voted ones was 20 curiosities about me. I decided to make this post about that then!

First of all, yesterday was the first day of summer, officially! I welcomed it properly with a great day by the pool in my place at prainha!

20 curiosities about yours truly here we go.

#1 As Capricorn as I can be

I love my sign. I was born on the January 4th so that makes me a Capricorn, and a very true one. I'm really ambitious and my career is something that I think about a lot even before college. But as a high schooler I'm never happy enough with my grades and I always want better, even if I have 18/20. However, I know how much I'll dedicate myself to my career, capricorns have an expensive way of living xD But we don't care as much for money as people say we do. However, we can be cold hearted and mean at times. and honesty is really really important for us.

#2 I could be dead

I was a really stupid kid. Even as a 3 year old. When I was in Belgium, I just went to the middle of the road forgetting that cars existed. Lucky for me, my godfather saw me and, just in time to save from a car, caught me. That's the story how my mom would see me dying, with 3 years old.

#3 I take ages to bath

Thank god I don't pay the water bill. My baths include spending a lot of hot hot water, bringing a speaker with some songs, singing to them and, funny enough, I give myself the biggest pep talks as I'm showering. I end up taking a 30 minute bath. Look, I even have a shower playlist:

#4 My room is my safe place

Before I moved houses, back in 2017, I didn't really care how my room was. When I moved I felt like I was having an opportunity to make my room however I wanted. Since then, every now and then, I re-decorate tiny part of my room (cute things coming your way) and it is becoming more as I want it to be, aesthetic and cozy. I do everything there, I sleep, study, write, draw, listen to music,... but most of all, when I feel like I need to be by myself I feel safe there.

#5 I can name my 2 favourite albums without thinking

Norman Fucking Rockwell! by Lana del Rey and Sweetener by Ariana Grande. They both make me remember the beach and holidays here in Prainha. Ariana's came out in August 2018 and Lana's in August 2019. I listened to them the whole time on repeat.

#6 Some people, other than parents, made me who I am

I want to be Lana when I grow up, but seriously though, her lyrics, her, just perfect. My sister made me who I am actually, when I was younger I always wanted to be like her and I grew up with her in college being so successful, and that made me want to study more and be a good student, to be like her one day.

#7 The many careers I wanted to pursue

Turns out that when I was a little kid I wanted to be a swimming teacher. Now I hate swimming, I barely keep myself from drowning.

As I was growing up, I wanted to sing in musicals, but my singing talent is non existent. Then, I thought I could be an Engineer (just because my cousins where), but no.

On 8th grade, I wanted to be an Architect but my 3D and drawing skills were 0.

So I became pretty sure my dream career was being a detective and taking a degree on criminology, and it still is, so is design and aircraft investigation but I don't think they'll give me the life I want. Right now, the safe career path I want to pursue is Law.

#8 A winter person

I love winter, maybe because I was born in January. Everything is better during this season, mainly the cute outfits and sunny cold days. However, there's nothing better than a sunday in bed studying or watching a movie when it's raining outside. Also, winter has Christmas.

#9 Cat lover, dog hater

I mean, I don't hate dogs, I just strongly dislike them. But don't get me wrong, people that abandon dogs or treat them badly make me so mad, just because I don't like them, I don't think they should suffer. But I love cats! I really wanted one but my parents won't give me one since I'm allergic. However, a tiny cat that I call Lana, comes by my house back in Porto everyday.

Also, here in Prainha there are a lot of cute cats, I love them, I just want to take them home.

#10 History is my favourite subject

It is the most challenging one in my area and that's one of the things I love the most. I have to study it a lot to have the grades I want, and I rarely get them. I think History is so important in our lives. If we were intelligent, we should learn and don't make the same mistakes they've done in the past, we can learn a lot from this subject.

#11 Irrational fear of vomiting

This one I can't explain, but it gives me a lot of panic attacks and I just really really avoid it, even if it means taking a lot of medicine.. anxiety sucks!

#12 I have 4 places close to my heart

The first one being home, obviously. Now that I'm basically living in Prainha, I miss home a lot and I recognised how much I need to be there. But Prainha is another place that makes me so happy. I grew up here. Me and my sister and my mother, recreated a pic we took here when I was 2 years old. 16 years later, the same place, a lot of diferences, a different angle (cuz dad won't listen to me) and we got older.

Lisbon is also very close to my heart, not the city itself, but the memories and the people I have there.

Then there's NYC. I connected with that city in ways I can't explain, it made me still feel like I was home, even though I wasn't.

#13 Favourite colours, as basic as they can be

My favourite colour has forever been baby pink, and it still is, but nowadays, I have a few more favourite ones, including beige, white and yellow. I love white dresses, those are my favourite <3

#14 I clean when I'm depressed or anxious

I don't know why I do this, but I do. Whenever I'm feeling bad, I reorganize my make up, or take everything out of my drawers and put it in better... I clean my room, sometimes even the living room... depends on the intensity of the event. If I'm good I don't clean AT ALL.....

#15 Writing as a major part in my life

I started writing when I was 14 and I was going through some tough stuff.. So writing was my way of coping with it. Ever since then, I write mostly every day, whether if it is attempting writing a book or a song, writing a blog post or simply what's going on my mind. I even write on airplanes xD I prefer writing on paper.

#16 I want to wear a pink suit in court as a lawyer

Everyone has weird dreams... This is one of them. I don't why, but it sounds amazing being all lawyer with cute pink suits idk.

#17 I've been offered drugs eight times in one hour

Lisbon is a majestic place huh? A saturday morning with my boyfriend, just walking around, we were asked 8 times if we wanted drugs. It was like 9/10am, we were literally so confused. I have a picture from that day!

#18 I could be dead: tornado edition

Back in 2016, on my birthday, a tornado decided to come up my granny's street while I was there. You see that big window on the second picture? I was in front of it, on the hallway, and basically the shattered glass didn't hit me for 1 cm or 2. We were all so scared. A palm tree fell into my dad's car, my grandmother's roof simply broke and her house got marked up by other roof pieces flying. The thunders were awful, my grandparents were so scared... everyone was in pain. I developed a fear of thunders, but eventually, it disappeared.

#19 I want to live in the USA one day

It is what it is.... such a great place with great opportunities... hopefully one day <3

#20 I've always been sarcastic (even as a 3 year old)

I mean, it's a trademark of mine. When I lived on an apartment, we had to face other people on the elevator, so tiny Helena would say hello to everyone, and when people weren't nice to me I'd tell my mom "Oh mommy, this woman is so sweet" (in portuguese is funnier: "Esta senhora é muito sempática (ai o Português) mamã"). My mom would be half ashamed half "what a savage". To end this post, I'll leave here photos of tiny loud and sarcastic Lena.

Lots of love <3

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