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How to organize your schedule and routine

Hi guys. First of all, I hope you're all doing well in this very long lasting lockdown, we're all on the same boat, but I know it sucks. Second of all, have you checked my store yet? It is my new mini project, I really hope you enjoy it and stay tuned on my IG because I might be doing a giveaway. (if you sign up for member you may or may not have a small cupon, just saying ehehh :p)

Anyways, I tried to do all does products with the same vibes that I've been trying to give you guys through these posts. (I LOVE pineapple collection)

This post will have two sections: how to organize your schedule and routine on a daily basis and How to organize your schedule and routine on lockdown. I'll give you some insights on my daily routine on normal life and on my non routine on quarantine.

How to organize your schedule and routine on a daily basis

There's one thing that is essencial for me when it comes to organize my schedule: a bullet journal. The only disclaimer there is that you actually need to find an hour or so in your schedule to update your journal. I don't have one this year - maybe I should - but before lockdown my schedule was way too full for me to find time for this. But I'll show you my 2019 bullet journal.

One thing before that, remember that it would be actually healthy to keep a bullet journal during quarantine.

It makes me really sad that I didn't finish this year. But tough times came up.

So, basically every month I'd make a full view of the month - with a special space for birthdays, events and next month. Then, I had a page for sleep tracker and expenses from that month. Onto the week page, I tried to write everything I had to do and then add what I actually did. I'd keep a water tracker, a mood and a habit tracker.

It felt really good to look back on that month.

I used those three pens you can see on the second picture along with a normal black pen. (I'll leave all the links below)

Apart from the bullet journal, try to make your days as similar as possible: wake up, exercise, have lunch, go to sleep, all at the same hours everyday.

It is also easier to go through the day if you try to take some breaks in between activities and save like 1 hour before going to sleep just for yourself to relax or watch a movie.

Last, but not least, if you're in a relationship, try to make a schedule for the both of you: sort out a hour for a call, that both of you can give each other attention.

That's basically how I'd go through my day on a daily basis: I had school and ballet so I was mostly out from 8AM to 9PM so I had to make the most out of it and try to keep myself motivated.

How to organize your schedule and routine on lockdown

Honestly, good luck. I'm struggling with this one, but slowly finding ways to keep it together. I only have classes from 9AM to 11AM and 7PM to 8PM. So it makes it really easy to stay lost the whole day, and sleeping a lot.

One thing that has helped me, even with school work, is Microsoft To-Do. Set your daily tasks, and if you set up their due date, it will never shut up until you do it.

Try to keep your day as busy as possible but also save some time for you and follow a sleep schedule.

Honestly, on quarantine is difficult to keep a routine. I've been trying and failing, but next week will be better. Give yourself a chance to make it better too.

I'll leave here the name of a few apps that help me go through this, mentally.

Mindshift: it is such a great app, it has a breathing space, a rant space - but at the end you'll have to write it again a bit more positive -, coping cards, anxiety tracker. It is really helpful, and free.

Aloe bud: I use this one to check in in the hydrate section! But it has a lot of activities such as move, breathe, rest, motivate...

I hope this was helpful in any way. Stay tuned for a recipe this weekend!


Lena <3



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