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Francisco & Helena - Our Story

Good morning guys!

Me and Francisco are writing this now through Skype - long distance relationship. We got this idea from my latest post 55 pictures, 55 memories. I saw how happy he was reminiscing about some of our cherished moments as a couple.

First of all, let me tell you, we had a rough start, but we do have great memories even before we started dating. We had a lot of bumps on the road - our long distance and age gap.

When we met, I was moving so for me, Francisco represents a new era in my life. Our house barely had beds and we I would spend the night talking on the phone with Francisco, just getting to know each other.

It was in the middle of August, we did so many things like watching movies (First movie - If I Stay), falling asleep on Skype, asking random questions, playing games and hanging up when father went to work at 7am.

Eventually, Francisco went to Porto to visit me, back in October 2017, we had a great day, I got to show him my city and spend a great time walking around with him. However, it was only a day and on a blink I was leaving him on the train.

On March, I went to Lisbon where we did more of those big walks, this one on a Friday night was special though - it was raining and we were in a middle of a storm (called Felix) near Terreiro do Paço and he kissed me! I was really happy because lame lena did "open when" letters for him.

The next day we had one of the most beautiful mornings ever - it was sunny and cloudy, and we just walked around for hours and then went home, where I put the lunch in the oven (he still claims it wasn't warm enough) and then we spent the whole afternoon watching movies in this cute apartment downtown. (We were really young here, Jesus)

From March until September we weren't dating because we would only see each other every month or so but we weren't friends either. Things were complicated but we weren't fully able to let go nor commit.

On September 1st, I was back in Lisbon. We went to Gulbenkian on that day with my best friend and Francisco pulled me aside and told me that he loved me - but in the most beautiful way - in Portuguese "Amo-te tanto". From that moment on, I was just dying for him to ask me to be his girlfriend - still it took him 3 days. We had a great weekend, aside from Gulbenkian, we also visited Sintra, o Castelo dos Mouros. I had an asthma attack, but everything was great, exploring and visiting places with him holding my hand.

On Tuesday, 4th of September 2018, we actually saw the second Harry Potter movie together in the hotel, and then, when we went for a walk, and I quote:

"Helena, queres namorar comigo?" ("Helena, do you want to date me?")

"Sim!!" ("Yes!!") *kisses him*

"Ok mas eu não disse que queria" ("Ok but I didn't say I wanted to") *helena starts arguing*

"Helena João Rafael dos Santos, queres ser a minha namorada?" ("(My full name) do you want to be my girfriend")


Okay, excuse me for the big ass details, this was a special moment we had been waiting for over a year.

We can both say, without any regrets, that it's been the best year and nine months of our lives, even though we had a lot of ups and downs, some struggles... but we always manage to stick together and grow stronger, as we always will.

Throughout this time we managed to be together a weekend almost every two weeks, when he came to Porto we just focused on spending time together, watching movies, playing games, just being happy. When I went to Lisbon we would walk around more and visit cool places.

Eventually we met each other's families and spent our birthdays together.

Some special dating memories

2 months anniversary

2 months after we started dating, Francisco took me to Belém - a beautiful place in Lisbon I wanted to visit - and he re asked me to date him since he wanted to do it there in the first place. He did it exactly like the first time, but with a great view. Later that day we had Starbucks and it was so sweet <3 Winter walks with him and Starbucks are my all time favorite.

His sister's wedding

We have some funny stories here. First of all, his sister and her husband were goals the entire wedding, and I was really really nervous to get to know his entire family. On the beginning I just sticked with his mom - that had to fix an issue with my dress. His family was lovely and I had a great time as his plus one. Later that night, we were just dancing and Francisco was slowly getting drunk and funny asf dancing. At this point, I wasn't capable of walking properly. And guess what.... I caught the bouquet. Awkward right? I caught the bouquet on my boyfriend's sister wedding. But it was cute at the same time. Francisco was very confused.

One year anniversary

This one was so special. I am so lucky to have Francisco. On this anniversary, he gave me a promise ring, I felt commitment all over it, and that made me so happy. He's my everything and this promise meant everything to me. He put it in my finger while he was giving me a hug. He explained to me want he meant with his promise, that it was sort of a preparation for wedding one day <3

Our first Christmas together

My baby came to Porto on Christmas day. Christmas is a very important holiday for my, and I couldn't spend it without him, so he got here with a Harry Potter Cluedo and we ate and played Cards Against Humanity. Lovely.

Then, 2020 happened and things started to get complicated for us. I have already told this on another post, but we didn't see each other for two months. His birthday got up and then I got to surprise him. I'll leave here the link for the posts about us.

He came here a few days ago. We had a great time together, we really missed each other, mostly during this hard time. We went to the swimming pool and to the beach <3 I loved being with him again.

I'm really glad I got to know Francisco. Sometimes he is a pain in the ass, but he's my pain in the ass. I love him more than anything and I wouldn't be the same without him. He's one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I'll never be able to thank him enough for the good memories (because not every single one of them is here, some are just ours and even better) and for the love we have.

I'm happy I got to share this with you guys. Despite everything, age gap and distance, we're here, happy. I'm happier with him than I'd probably be with a guy my age and from my school. So I wouldn't want it another way (I mean, just him closer).

Writing this, going through us again, made me realise how we grew up together. I mean our faces look older, but still, we are different now, and so stable. I ended this post with a smile on my face, drinking my tea.

P.S.: On wednesdays we have guests!

Love Lena & Xico <3

Surprising Francisco on his BDAY:

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