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First Post and Quarantine Suggestions

So here's my quarantine office, where I study and do most of my works for school. I love love my room design and maybe I'll talk about it in the future.

This year was supposed to be awesome, at least for me. But we were all surprised with this new pandemic - the covid-19 - which is scary for all of us. Personally, I've been on lockdown for almost a month but now I'm more aware that we do need this for our own good. So we should, at least, make the most out of being home with our families.  So my first suggestion is get a routine, as obvious as this may sound, it is also very important, otherwise you won't be able to go through it and you will sleep all day, as I did on the first days. In your routine you should include a bit of everything, netflix, cook, exercise, reading time, free time. But follow your routine, that will make you feel better.  Second, do the things you were never able to do (from home!) and spend time with your family. Now, I'll leave here a few movies, series and music suggestions:

Movies        Intern- A really cute movie if you ask me, mainly one of my favorites. It's about a senior intern, as funny as it sounds!        Harry Potter- (YES THE SEVEN MOVIES) see, here you can spend a looooot of hours but I assure you you will love them and afterwards you'll want to live in hogwarts and be a wizard.  Series        La Casa de Papel- Everyone knows what it is, a new season just came out and it will leave you hooked, as always, chop chop.         Good Girls - Every mom is a good mom, and every good mom does everything for their families- even if it includes robbing a local grocery store.         Jane The Virgin - A long ass mexican telenovela in Miami, that should be all to make you watch it.  Music       Dua Lipa's new album "Future Nostalgia" and 5 Second's of Summer's new album "CALM".

Anyways here's a link for this month's playlisyt:       Also here's a 00's playlist you'll LOVE:   Games   PLAY SIMS!!! I recommend the City Living and Island Living expansions, it makes Sims 4 way better and has a lot more activities such as sailing!   Life is Strange - story game on PS4, Mac and PC.   Hello Neighbor - creepy but cool.   Cards Agains Humanity - a game for bad people, that we all are, good to play with friends and family.   Cluedo - a game for the detective inside of you.   Monopoly - a family game that never ends.   Trivial - you can discover who is the dumbest in your family and make fun of then forever. 

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