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Day in the life of a Ballet dancer during quarentine💗

Hi everyone! My name is Rita and I’m 17 years old. I currently study at Attitude-Academia de Artes and my dream is to become a professional ballerina♥️ In this post I Will show you what a Day in my life looks like during quarentine😉

Usually I Wake up at 7:45am and get ready for my online school classes! At 8:00 i eat breakfast and at 8:30 my online classes start👍🏼 I have academic classes until 1pm and then I eat lunch😋 After lunch I start to warm up and do some cardio and prepare myself to do some barre and centre work! I’ve been loving Tamara Rojo ballet classes! I usually finish my barre and centre work at 4pm and then I rest for a little and eat some snacks to fuel my body💪🏼 Then if I have time I usually go for a walk with my mom or if I don’t have time I usually do some streching like yoga or pilates💗 At 6pm I have a physical preparation class for ballet dancers at zoom until 7:15pm. And at 7:30 I have my last dance class of the day till 8:30pm😉 After all the classes I eat Dinner watch some Netflix and then get ready to go to bed😴Hope you liked this post and if you want to see more of what I usually do in a day go check my Instagram: rita.pinto2002♥️

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