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Traveling, vacations & COVID / Bye, Belle.

Hey guys, long time, no see. I've been focusing on myself lately, this year has been complicated for every one of us.

Among other things, I've started reading more poetry. Lana's poetry book is coming soon and I developed a love for poetry ever since Naela Ali's book (which I wrote a blog post about). Today I bought Rupi Kaur's 'milk and honey'. I've discovered something for book lovers. There's this website called Book Depository and it has everything you can imagine and really really low cost. So basically, my wishlist is like 100$ (oops?). Anyways click here for the website.

Last news before I talk about the real topic:

I added a new page to my store: Homemade. Basically, these are some of my wall posters - I'll be adding more soon - made at home, so they're way cheaper than the normal ones.

My Patreon subscriptions are paused until october - which means, you can join any tier, get access to old posts and new ones and don't pay! Click here for my patreon page.

Onto the real topic: traveling, vacations and the SARS-COV-2. This is a tricky combination. When I went to my home in Algarve back in May, I felt safe, the rest of the hotel was empty and we felt a bit isolated from the world, june was the same thing. July and August were just overwhelming.

It's incredible how there's a killer virus around but somehow, beaches manage to be full, like I've never seen before. The few times I went to the pool or the beach I felt really annoyed and exposed - basically out of my comfort zone. Anyhow, we try to avoid the most crowded places.

I'll leave here a picture from the day our president went to the beach that I was. This is literally a joke.

Social distancing WHERE?

Anyways, this is something that annoys me a lot, so credits for this picture belong to my mum once I always take pictures of calm, beautiful moments like this:

There was this great day where we went to the beach and had lunch there (Caniço) and it was beautiful, a bit more normal to us, so it was good. We played UNO and ate our lunch but, eventually we took this fun activity to our pool because it had less people.

Since I stay at my house, I can't really tell you about hotel security. The one thing I can tell you is that I've never seen Portugal so crowded, and it worries me. Nobody respects the social distancing, no one wears masks on the street,... It scared me how people are acting like it is a normal summer when it isn't. I avoided public places like pools and beaches way more this year, as a security method. I have asthma and my family has their problems too so I have respect for this crazy virus. I think that traveling with this is a big no. If people were cautious, maybe. But, from my point of view. It's a big no. I had a trip to NYC booked and of course we're not going unless there's a miracle and this calms down. The trip is booked for this December. We don't want things getting worse. But sometimes, it feels like people do.

Eventually this week I had to travel, said goodbye to our baby Belle that was with us for 9 years and now has another owner. So we had to go to Lisbon take our things off the boat. I went with my dad in our car, but I came back the next day on the bus. Awful. They respect the social distancing, but traveling 3 hours with a mask is awful. Now, put yourself in a 7-hour-flight to NYC. Even worse.

The little I saw from Lisbon made me really nostalgic. I used to walk around there all the time, now I don't feel safe, I took a few pictures from the car, still the same beautiful city.

Anyways, we said goodbye to Belle and it was very very sad. We had so many stuff in there, it was hard work, mainly for my dad, but we said goodbye and these were our last pics.

Now, gladly, I'm back home. Back at my cute little room & office where I get the best inspiration in the whole world. Ready to get back to normal life, as close to normal can be. Today me and my dad went for a car ride on my city. I missed it so much. Hopefully school and ballet will start soon for us to be a bit happier.

And that's it for today. Of course all of the above is my opinion, if you want to travel and do it safely, you're free to. The most important thing during this season we're going through is being safe and making the right choices, for us and our family.

Lots of love guys, see you soon.

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