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Concerts & Festivals Experience How I got 5SOS' Luke guitar pick!

Hello guys! Did you enjoy yesterday's surprise post? There was also another surprise: now if you buy any iPhone case you'll get a matching wallpaper!

Anyways, this post is about concerts. I love concerts, they take me to a parallel universe, a happy one, mainly when I see my favorite artists.

I won't write about every single concert I've been to, but I'll leave her a list of all of them.

List of Concerts

  1. One Direction - Porto, July 13th 2014

  2. 5 Seconds of Summer - Lisbon, May 4th 2015

  3. Tom Odell (MEO Marés Vivas Festival) - Porto, July 16th 2016

  4. Justin Bieber - Lisbon, November 16th 2016

  5. Depeche Mode (NOS Alive Festival) - Lisbon, July 8th 2017

  6. Jamiroquai (MEO Sudoeste Festival) - Zambujeira do Mar, August 5th 2017

  7. The Killers (Rock in Rio Lisboa) - Lisbon, June 29th 2018

  8. Lana del Rey and The 1975 (Super Bock Super Rock) - Meco, July 18th 2019

  9. Billie Eilish - Lisbon, September 4th 2019

This year it would be the perfect year... I was going to see Harry Styles, Lana del Rey and The Neighbourhood live aka my three favourites.

I can also tell you my list of artist who I really want to see live:

  1. The Neighbourhood

  2. Lana del Rey (again)

  3. Harry Styles (already got tickets!)

  4. 5 Seconds of Summer (again)

  5. Ariana Grande

  6. Lady Gaga

  7. Lizzo

  8. Panic! At The Disco (my sister saw them live in Baltimore)

  9. Fall Out Boy

  10. Marina

(and the list goes on)

Anyways, I'll be telling you about concert nr 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 the rest was kinda irrelevant. I didn't even remember that I saw Justin Bieber, only when I opened the photo gallery. Tom Odell and Jamiroquai was ok.

One Direction

This one is gonna be quick, I don't remember much, I was 11. However, it was the first concert I went to. I was so happy, mainly because as everyone from 10-18 were fangirling all over 1D. I remember being really far from the stage, but enjoying every single bit of that concert. One song I remember perfectly is Rock Me, I don't know why. But it was a great concert damn.

P.S.: I have no fucking clue what happened to my videos. It's been 6 years.

5 Seconds of Summer

I have sooooo much to say about this one. My 5SOS phase was way stronger than the 1D one. I would only listen to their songs and genuinely think I'd marry Luke (I was 12 and I still have hope, jk). So when their concert came up I was full on crazy to the front row on the side. Oh god, poor mom, I screamed the whole concert and thought they were "connecting with me" (I'm laughing so much as I write). When the concert ended, I had a binder full of drawings I've done of them, so my mom saw them exiting by our side and she run and gave Luke the binder.... AND HE GAVE HER HIS GUITAR PICK. He said hi or something to me and tried to reach my hand. I died that moment......Pics or it didn't happen right? I'll just leave here proof.

Depeche Mode

This one was just beautiful. I'll try to find the best moment in youtube. Check here and skip to 4:19. I was closer than this so my videos don't show that much. But the whole moment for us was so beautiful. I grew up listening Depeche Mode because my parents did too. They even recorded a video here in Prainha (2.25). So their concert was something special... really

And we went as a family, that was the best part. I mean, my parents listened to this band with like 20 years old and 20 something years later, they took their daughters to see it live. For me Depeche Mode's instrumental makes everything better.. listen down there.

The Killers - Full show here

This day in general was awful. It was raining and thundering, and I didn't like Rock In Rio at all. We arrived really late and I was sad because they are my sister's favourite and she was in the USA at the time. So most of the time, I faceted her. The public was awful. But the concert was lovely. The Killers do give a killer concert and I loved it despite the circumstances. I didn't get to meet them but I guess I met Portugal's president xD

Lana del Rey and The 1975

Oh damn.... This one was a fucking blessing in my life. Lana was perfect and I was at the front row. (almost) I went with my boyfriend to this one. He wanted to see the 1975 (that I only new a couple of songs) and I wanted to see Lana. We made it to the second / front row. We didn't eat or drink water for like 5 hours and I was passing out during Lana :) But I remember every bit of it and it was the best concert ever, I didn't want it to end :(

Getting out of this festival was a joke. We arrived home (like 30km from the place) at 4 something am. It ended at 2am. (and I ran out of battery)

The 1975

Lana del Rey

(excuse my voice on Off To The Races, it's my favourite song)

Billie Eilish

Hated it. I mean, not her. She gives a good show. The whole vibe was totally off though. I felt like a child in the middle of that concert, besides, everyone was screaming way too much. I didn't love it though, 13 year old girls all over, I'm sorry. And I was in a bad mood that day.

I was really excited for this year's concerts. They didn't happen. I love festivals the most, and this year was so important, hopefully I'll see them next year :(

Hope you enjoyed <3


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