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Christmas Special: Presents & Home Decor!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Hi guys! It's officially Christmas week, are you excited? This is the best time of the year for me, so I'm really happy. The worst part is the awful year we had and of course this Christmas won't be very happy.

Decoration and presents are totally my thing to do around here. Actually, Christmas is always my thing to do except the cooking (cakes is all I can do).

Basically, when December starts, I start decorating everything and planning everyone's presents (which I won't talk about because my family would see, but on Saturday I'll share some with you).

Most of the presents this year we got online, we had to trust schedules and images we saw, but it turned out pretty well. The only gifts I bought on the mall gave me so much stress because no one really is aware that COVID is happening and the mall was packed.

To do things a bit different this year and to keep a cute aesthetic, I took care of all the wrapping - which, let me tell you, I absolutely HATE. However, it was fun to do and the results were what I was expecting. If you're still taking care of the wrapping situation and want some tips here they go:

  1. Choose wrapping paper around the same colors, preferably golds.

  2. Personalised name tags (do it yourself or buy here the digital version and print it in time for Christmas)

  3. Decor it with mistletoe.

Let me give you some examples:

The results:

When it comes to home decor, our house is like super extra and it screams Christmas everywhere now.

Our tradition is to put everything up together and listen to Christmas music. Normally, dad takes care of the lights, I put the lights on the stairs and the rest of the living room decor and mom makes the rest of the tree with me. Our tree is huge so it takes my mom about 2h to put it up, my dad 1h to put all the lights, and then all the Christmas balls take around 4h. So it's an entire afternoon, sometimes more. But it's worth it, our house is super xmas friendly and we love it.

Christmas Tree

Our tree is four years old and we bought it in a local plants store. It is 2.10m I think and it gives my mom a hard time :) Our ornaments were mostly bought many years ago when my parents got married or randomly throughout the years. This year we bought those canes in HÔMA.

Home Decor

Our nativity scene is a one-pice bought in El Corte Ingles, it costed around 90€. It is really beautiful, yet simple. It isn't from this year's collection, my dad bought it a couple years ago, but there are very similar ones in ECI.

I hope you enjoyed this post, our super extra house and the tips I gave you for wrapping presents!

See you soon,



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