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Bond Touch - Private Space // Back home with special mail <3

Hey guys! I know you love Bond Touch related posts, so I'm giving you this one. I'm back home and I couldn't be happier. This post is coming out at 1pm because I have ballet 2h30 of ballet until 8h30pm and I still have so much to do. When I don't, posts will start coming out at 7pm. There's a lot to do home and I haven't dedicated much to what I thought I was going to, but I arrived like 12 hours ago.

Last night, when I got home, I was surprised by the amazing orders I had waiting for me here. One from Belle's Living and another from Maria Mano (@mariasperspective).

So, from Belle's Living I got a case, the first one ever, and I'm really surprised. The case has a super good touch and it actually protects my phone. It is slim, but it protects it at the same time.

I'm sad that I got one of those I didn't design, but I'll get another one anytime soon. However: APPROVED!! Shop my website's items here.

I got three lovely stickers from Maria. I wasn't expecting it to be home already, but it was: and I loved them! Maria has the cutest stickers. I chose my three favourites. "Get Shit Done" is a must, obviously, mainly putting it on my computer, then, "patient capricornian" is very relatable, I am very patient when it comes to some parts of my life. But since I can also be a mess, the third one I chose was "I just need to overreact first". I overreact a lot before I do things, that's a part of me.

Anyways, I love the final touch they have, they're really smooth and actually the quality is better than I was expecting, normally stickers are thin and fragile but these aren't! Shop Maria's art here.

Moving on to the Bond Touch Private Space!!

Bond touch recently added a new update to their app: now you have a private space for you and your significant other. It's amazing how this brand keeps on growing and bringing us good stuff.

Aside from the app, they also made new modules that you should definitely check out on their website.

This was one investment in our relationship that was totally worth it, and as time passes, it gets better. Now, me and Francisco, are able to have a private chat between the both of us where we can share pictures, touches and text messages.

First of all, as the name says, the private space is private, you have to unlock it or with your bond, with Face ID, Touch ID or a digit-code. You can chose to send your picture privately, snapchat-like, or normally. Then, you're able to keep up to 10 photos in your private gallery, where we have our touch codes and some pictures close to the heart.

As you're texting them, you can see where they are, the timezone of the place they live and the weather.

I'll leave here a video of how to share a picture, for example.

I really recommend bond touch, now even more. It is a tiny world for you and you SO, it is completely different from WhatsApp and those apps. You know that this is one application that connects you and your boyfriend / girlfriend / friend / mother.... and it belongs only to you <3 The meaning is beautiful.

A picture about today's post <3

Sending lots of love your way and see you on friday,

Lena <3

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