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Bond Touch - a must for a long distance relationship

First of all, me and my boyfriend don't live that far away, but it is far enough to only see him in every two weeks.

With that being said, and me being the clingy person I am, when I found out about Bond Touch in around August 2019 I was super excited. Of course I did all that "pleeeeease let's buy this it will make distance less sufferable" and eventually I convinced him to buy it.

It was a long three days or so of waiting for the delivery to arrive BUT on my last day in Lisbon (in Belle!) it arrived!!!

At first we weren't like super happy, the pairing wasn't that easy, but once the set up was all done, it felt so good.

It costed around 98€ for both of us, and honestly, price-quality is amazing. These bracelets come along with an app for your phone (which has to be always on background to receive touches) and a USB charger.

I was surprised because you receive the touch like half a second after your SO sends it. Its pretty quick and meaningful. For example, if you do like me and my boyfriend, you can create a note with some codes and its meanings (Ex.: 3 long touches for us mean I love you).

About the Bond Touch app (NEW FEATURES THAT YOU'LL LOVE COMING SOON!!!) I think it is very efficient. You get to see a picture of your baby, the city he/she's in and its weather, the battery of his/her's phone and bond and wether they're connected or not. You get to choose the color that your SO bond lights up (mine is pink!) and they save your last touches (received and sent) so you can repeat them!

In November, we had the chance to meet with the Bond Touch team (they're super cute btw) so we tested the new version of the app which includes a new feature - Private Space. All I can say is that it is very very cute, and you'll see more of that when it officially comes out.

Basically, I really recommend this for every type of relationship because the meaning is so powerful and it means a lot to know that your baby is thinking of you at that moment. It is really easy to combine with outfits because on the site you have a lot of bracelet colors only for 8€.

I'll leave the websites where you can buy it down below.

BUT in this situation of lockdown, a lot of you guys must be apart from people you love, so if you want to buy a single bond touch for your address and your loved one buys another for they're address it is now on a bit cheaper so that it will cost the same thing as if you'd buy a pair. I think you should take that chance (if your country's eligible)!!

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