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Ballet Essentials & my Ballet Story

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I had a really complicated start with ballet. I always wanted to do ballet. However, my mother wouldn't let me so she put me in Jazz instead - which I loved and still do.

I started Jazz when I was 7 and when I was 14, I was doing Jazz, Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Contemporary and Heels Classes. And even though I loved it, it still wasn't it and I really wanted to do ballet.

So I did an audition in a school here in Porto, when I was 14, that I won't name for obvious reasons. I passed the audition with a pirouette and a split (ridiculous) and I noticed that it was completely a favor.

I did classes every day - even saturday - 1h45 per day. Long story short, I wasn't learning, I was copying what the other girls would do, he/she never showed any interest and they didn't let me do neither pointe nor perform because I was "too fat" (I wasn't even overweight).

Of course my mom took me off there and I went to a school that I actually knew the teacher and I knew she was good in what she does and that she wouldn't set me aside just because I didn't have a ballet body.

I am currently at Attitude Academia de Artes. Honestly, I'm way happier ever since I got there. The environment is amazing, you actually learn and my teachers care about all of us. I started doing pointe work 1 month after I got in Attitude. It was difficult though, 3 months later or so I had a problem with a cyst on my foot so I had to use Gaynor - which was awful to gain strength.

I participated in the Chopin Les Sylphides at school - my first ballet piece on stage. It was such a great experience (I wasn't amazing, but my teacher gave me the opportunity and participating meant a lot to me).

What I can tell you that happened ever since I got into this academy is that I improved a lot, I lost about 8kg and I actually feel happy there. I have classes everyday mostly and I do privates with my teacher to improve what I can! Ballet is something amazing, our teachers normally tells us which muscle or articulation we are using to do certain stuff and it is amazing how the human body works. It's good to understand how your body is moving, and to do those things correctly. And that's what I love about ballet, every little step has its own technique and once you get it, it will take a lot of practice for your body to get that, but at least you get what you're doing, you're not just doing something.

I have a lot of support from my teachers, and in this pandemic situation, we still have classes through Zoom everyday (Floor Barre, Ballet Intermediate and DR Level 2 and Contemporary).

Also, in late December, I went to Viva Dança in Batalha. I was so so nervous, I had classes with teachers from The Joffrey Ballet and Russian Ballet International. It was a really good day. Here's a picture from one of my favorite classes - with Solange Melo.


- My Gaynor Minden Studio Bag & Flexibility Band

They are the most amazing items I have from ballet, the studio bag has space for literally anything, and a lot of compartments to keep everything organised.

The Flexibility Band improved my flexibility A LOT. I normally do it in middle split, but you can also use it in arabesque / penché which I'm doing lately.

- My Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

I've loved these ones more - not my favorite pointe shoes at the moment. But still they're the ones that make my feet look better so I'll use them more for performance rather than classes. They feel a bit soft for me now that I use Russian Class Pointe, I don't know. But they are gorgeous nonetheless.

They are Pink Satin in color, I use size 8 in the shank Extraflex (yellow). I think the box is 3 or 3+, not sure though.

- My Russian Class Pointe Shoes

When my cyst got better, I had to start working on my feet's strength since Gaynor aren't great for class work. So I got these ones, and as I said earlier, I prefer these. I feel more what I'm doing, I can go through demi-pointe and work that more than I did with Gaynor, I have more strength than I had, and honestly I think they're so beautiful.

The model I use is Rubin RDL Satin, on the size 37.5, width W3, vamp V2 and Shank FS.

- My basic go-to "ballet outfit"

These are my favorites when it comes to ballet clothes. Apart from the pink tights of course, this is what I use more. My mom gave me these cute little flowers that I don't know where they're from but they are my favorites. On the first picture is our school essentials, basically it is a leotard from Micaela Larisch and the skirt is from the same (both on size 5-M). On the second picture is my sweater from Bloch on the size S and the last two pics is one of my first leotards, from Mirella on the size M. I couldn't find the link for some of the items.

If you want to know more about ballet let me know. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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