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Back to School, Traveling, iOS 14 & More!

Hello guys! Long time no see. These last few days have been crazy, back to school and ballet ( I sprained my ankle in between), I had a wedding, I came back to Algarve for the weekend, I'm a candidate, along with my teammates, for students' council. So yeah, a lot has been going on. I haven't been as active as I wanted to, either here or on Patreon. But I'm here now probably for a long post.

I was away but I updated Belle's Living homepage which is looking way better now!


Oh this is quick, school has been awful. My lungs aren't prepared to wear a mask for 6 hours straight. That's simply it. It is really difficult to stay calm. However, it's better than staying at home. The bad thing is, I don't recognise my friends sometimes, it is difficult to talk and hear other people and, normally, we're all afraid of getting it. The one positive thing is studying, I really like studying and I'm glad it is back. I'm loving History and Portuguese this year, and I also have a new subject: Psychology!

Ballet has been a difficult ride. I had a good first week but then I sprained my ankle so I had to stop for two weeks. I returned last week and I still have a long journey in front of me to recover every thing I lost in these last months that we stopped.


First of all, I'll tell you everything I'm wearing on these pictures and links, if possible.

Dress: Tintoretto / El Corte Ingles - 190€

Shoes: Zendra / El Corte Ingles (Past Collection)

Purse: Parfois -19,99€

Hair: Made by me. First straightened and then curled on the day of the wedding.

Eyeshadow: Light Nude Obsessions by Huda Beauty - 29,99€

Highlighter: Kiko Milano (past collection) shades of gold

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex - 27,50€

Foundation: Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions 02 Ivory - 36,50€

Lipstick: Lolita Matte by Kat Von D

Jacket: GAP (way past collection)

The process of getting ready was absolutely horrible. I woke up late and my hair wasn't curling and I was about to have multiple breakdowns.

After I eventually got ready, we went to the ceremony which was absolutely beautiful. We had to drive for like an hour to reach the venue in Pombal called Quinta da Concha.

This is Quinta da Concha's Hall which is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, this venue was absolutely clean and safe but also magical. We had some food and then got ready for dinner after the pictures with the bride and the groom.

Basically, we only took our masks out to eat or to take photos!

The bride and the groom were stunning and lovely. They just seemed so happy. Me and Francisco had a great day even though we spent it mostly with our masks on. It was a happy day and we all adapted well to these new rules. That's one of the things I loved the most in this wedding, everyone was responsible and careful.

We got a little gift on the wedding and you know how much I love succulents!

My grandmother was a tailor her whole life, and with 80 years she still does an amazing job. We bought this dress as I said earlier but it wasn't exactly my size and somethings were off. So my amazing grandmother fixed everything and even made a matching mask (slide!).


Lisbon is three hours away from my hometown, Porto, and my sister lives there.This September, I stayed at an hotel for the first time this year. It was a strange day. We went to Intercontinental Lisbon, which always has a warm welcome for us, and it was practically empty. We had to do the usual, measure our temperature, wash our hands and wear a mask on common spaces. I have to admit, I missed these beds. And this hotel has a breathtaking view.

I was scared I might feel uncomfortable staying at an hotel, but I didn't at all. It was super clean and safe.

On the next day, my boyfriend took me to see his nephew and we ended up spending the morning with his cute little face and then we bought him a present. After that we went shopping to do a picnic which was a funny experience.

I hate bees and ducks. Two of the things Gulbenkian has the most. But other than the fact that I hate them, it isn't comfortable eating with four bees on your food. So we had to move from the garden to a bench, but the ducks bugged us as well... Basically we ended up eating on a rush, but it was our first picnic which we will never forget!

Last weekend, I went to the countryside, which is beautiful here in Portugal, surrounded by mountains. My boyfriend has a house there and we went for his cousin's wedding. I can't tell you how amazing it is to wake up with these views. For one that lives in the city, surrounded by houses, buildings and noise, this is gold. I spent a great weekend with my boyfriend and his family (the cute baby too!).

Yesterday, we came back to Prainha for the weekend since I don't have classes on Friday. For me, it was such a perfect idea. I got to see my sister and it's hot here! I'm back with my dresses instead of winter clothes (as I was wearing in Porto) and maybe later today I'll probably go to the pool! It was a 6-hour-drive here, so we were really really tired, but it was worth it. I love this place, it still is a little paradise.


Organizing has been difficult. I spent 7 months out of routine so returning was super difficult. I was very sleepy during the morning and annoyed during the afternoon because I was tired and out of breath. Gladly, my schedule gives me some flexibility to manage between Belle's Living, studying, school, ballet, talking with my boyfriend and some time to relax. I just still haven't managed to fit all yet.

My schedule is pretty simple, classes every morning until 1pm except Thursday that is until 2pm and Friday that I don't have classes at all. Then, I have ballet every day except Monday. Approx. 2 hours per day.

IOS 14

Here's a quick view of my iPhone home screen. At first, I didn't want to do this because it was too much work and it felt like android to me (the app gallery, etc) but now that a few weeks have passed, I actually like it more like this. I separated my apps in sections: Essentials, Social Media & Photography, Work and Self-Care. Then, I went to Pinterest and added some widgets with quotes that had to do which each section and were pink. (The app I use for photo widgets is Widgetsmith)

Due to iOS 14 I found out about this app called Dawn. It's a great calendar app that I absolutely love comparing to apples's calendar. The aesthetics are way better and it's really easy for you to organise yourself.

I also found out that you can take a print if you tap twice the apple on the back of your phone!!

Let me just remind you that I don't own any of the photos with illustrations and quotes that I have on my home screen, the only ones that I own are those four on the smart widget.


I don't have much to talk about this book. As I don't have much time for Belle's Living, I don't have for leisure as well. However I've read 3/4 poems of this book and she is amazing. Her poetry is something so different from all those books I've been reading. The best thing is that you can imagine some of those poems being songs.

I bought it in pre-sale for 21€ but I'll leave here a link with discount.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys!




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