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Back to quarantine day 1 + quarantine recommendations pt2

Hi guys, I'm posting today because yesterday was a no day. We all have those, mainly during lockdown. I watched a whole series yesterday that, by the way, I recommend: Never Have I Ever - it's a series about an Indian girl that lives in California and goes through a typical teenage life, although she had some problems after her dad's death. You should give it a try! I saw it literally all yesterday, it is an easy series to watch and it is very funny.

Also, yesterday was my quarantine day 50 something. Now I'm back in day 1. I don't quite know how I feel about it... Yesterday was my grandmother's 80th birthday and we went to her house with masks and gloves with a cake to surprise her. Of course, she cried, I was on the verge to aswell. This situation is bad for everyone, yesterday I was freaking out at home and when I went to my grandparents' house by the beach I just felt confused.

We are used to a world that is full of life and people around us. Yesterday the streets were empty, there was no traffic in the highway, the beaches were closed.. I felt strange walking around in a place that is so familiar to me.

I learned something though - from now on, I'll always value the little things I have in my life. This beach, I hadn't been there for years, and when today I wanted to go there, it was closed. I never though we would get to a point where it felt weird to be outside walking. I honestly started to dissociate. It was beautiful nonetheless. My grandmother's garden was beautiful too, I'd missed all of that so much, mainly because it was taken away from me.

My heart and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by this pandemic or whose life has changed completely like mine. It is difficult to stay sane with all of this going on around us. I really hope everything goes away quickly.

I'll finish today's (actually it should've been yesterday's) post with a little recommendation. On the last one about this, I talked about random activities and netflix series. Today I will tell you some books to read and that I want to read, music and games.

I'm a really slow reader, so I haven't finished most of the books, but I have an opinion about them.


  1. Mindhunter - This book is tough, but really really great. It was written by a FBI investigator that focused on studying what was going inside serial killers' minds.

  2. In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende - Beautiful. I'm still reading this one. "Three very different people who are brought together in a mesmerizing story that journeys from present-day Brooklyn to Guatemala in the recent past to 1970s Chile and Brazil."

  3. The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas by John Boyne - I read this one a few years ago, it was really touching. This one is about a nine-year-old boy in Auschwitz and he meets a friend outside of the fence named Samuel.

  4. (Haven't Read yet) Adrift by Tami Oldham - This one is on my list, it is about a couple sailing that gets caught in a hurricane, and things don't go as expected.


I'll leave here again the my April playlist - stay tuned for may playlist. But there are a few songs that are worth calling your attention for!

  1. Souvenir by Selena Gomez.

  2. Sordid Affair by Royksopp

  3. (album) CALM by 5 Seconds of Summer

  4. West Coast by Lana del Rey

  5. Love It If We Made It by The 1975


  1. Uno - This game is so good to play at night with your mom, your brothers or your boyfriend / girlfriend. It is a simple game, doesn't ask much, but it is a fun game to play nonetheless!

  2. Drawful 2 - a friends' game from (only 4,99 here) which challenges players to draw ridiculous prompts on their smartphones and tablets.

  3. The Sims 4 - I still recommend this one. Lately I've been playing this one with my boyfriend and some friends through Skype (via sharescreen) and it makes it way more fun.

Check out the links for sims, it is on %%%, sims expansions: city living and island living

I hope that reading this helps you in any way to fill a bit more of your free time.

Just a reminder, there's a giveaway in my instagram page @bellesliving (one of my iPhone cases from my site), check it out! Also, check out my store if you haven't.

Big kiss, I'll be back tomorrow for my Wednesday post and to change the song of the week.

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