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Algarve Routine & Getting an Apple Pencil

Hi guys, Friday, post day!! I'm writing this as I'm about to go get Francisco at the train station. I'm very happy to be able to see him again and spend a lovely weekend with him.

Well yesterday was completely out of my routine here. CTT didn't deliver my apple pencil because "I wasn't home" and I was, they didn't even ring so I had to go twice to the CTT and eventually, at 5pm, they gave me my order.

So yes!!! I got my apple pencil ! I'll talk a bit about it in the end.

First of all, I'm awful with routines, but at a certain point they start to become something. I have school via teams only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.. here's my timetable. Then i'll write about the empty spaces on it <3 I know, my COVID-19 timetable is awfully empty....

Back in Porto, it was complicated to fill all those empty spaces with stuff that doesn't include sleeping and Netflix. Here I have way more to do. I'll go day by day :)

These are a few of the pics I took throughout this week. I'm lucky enough to spend part of my free time in this little paradise. (If you don't know where I am, I'm in Prainha, I've done a post about it, check here.)


As I said this week, Monday is still weekend for me. Except I have ballet class. Anyways, I don't wake up very early :s I wake up like at 9/10am and I eat my regular natural yogurt with granola. From 10 to 13 I normally do some homework and go walk a bit with my mom to the pool. After lunch I focus on my blog and when I'm done with it I do some doodles on procreate. About a hour or so before ballet, I go for a swim (if the water isn't cold). Later at 7.30pm I have floor barre that should be called "a class made for having an asthma attack and not walking the next day". After that I do the normal bath and dinner.

To finish up the day I normally call my boyfriend and watch a series with him <3


Tuesday is an awful day. Full of classes, but at least I get to start the day with history (aka my fav thing) right after my yogurt and granola (that I'll stop writing because that's literally what I eat every day. After three hours of classes, I normally go take a swim on my lunch hour and then have lunch in the beginning of geography's class. After my whole day of teams, I have to finish some homework to hand in and then it depends on the mood: I'll either go for a walk with my mom or go to the pool.

Then floor barre happens again, this one isn't that painful, but I love my teacher's energy <3

Bath, dinner, lettering and baby + series.


I love this day - I have absolutely nothing to do. So after breakfast, a walk with my mom and a swim should make time for lunch. After that I do the blog post firstly, then I study, and sometimes I miss ballet this day to relax so I do some lettering. The rest of the night is the same old gold <3


I love Thursdays! However, I have a full day of classes as well, so it's basically like Tuesday. Breakfast, classes, swim, lunch, classes. During the afternoon I have Maths so normally it's a afternoon full of exercises. Then I have a lot of fun with ballet. 2 hours, one of repertoire and another one of RAD. I love doing ballet classes in the garden, such a good vibe.

You know the drill, bath, dinner, call with baby and lettering.


Friday is the best day ever, no classes, so I sleep in a bit more, I go to the pool and have lunch. As it is blog day, I do my post on the afternoon and then I relax the rest of the afternoon free. Also, Friday is Pizza day !!! (and sometimes game night with my family)

Now about yesterday:

I got this baby yesterday! And I'm so happy, I finally got to explore a bit, it charges in like 15 minutes and it honestly feels like you're writing on paper. So I'll leave here a few things I did yesterday.

I hope you liked this post. These last pictures are for sale (license) in here and for sale as poster here.

Have a great weekend <3

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