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A weekend in Lisbon

Hi guys! I promised a weekend special, so I wouldn't let Friday end without a post for you guys.

So as you know, I went to Lisbon last week, it was one of the first times I went after COVID. I was a bit uncomfortable but I wanted to go, I missed Lisbon and cute people I have there.


Anyways, Friday afternoon, me and my sister took off with those CD's I made a blog post about, remember? We had a fun trip. We had to go to Lisbon because my sister was in between homes.

When we got there, it was kind of a mess because we had to go to her old house to get her clothes, make-up, etc. So we ended up putting that in their places back in her new home - which is lovely. I normally take pictures of everything, but we were so busy finding a new place to everything that I have 0 pictures of the state of the house when we got there.

For me, it was a fun thing to do, I love organising, cleaning and decorating, so moving is like the ideal activity for me - probably why Cat wanted me there.

Details from her new home + me:

After we stored her stuff, she bought us amazing pizza and we saw some videos and then I doodled a bit a corner of her home.

Anyways, we were super tired so after a bath we went to bed and slept like babies.


The next day we woke up weirdly energised. We had to wait for our parents to arrive and help us, but we woke up 4 hours before that so we decided to explore the place where she lives now. She lives near the Palácio da Ajuda It was a beautiful morning, Mornings like those remind me how much I've lost by staying home.

Say hi to my beautiful sister on the right!! She got all the good genes.

After this beautiful morning walk and FaceTime call with our grandmother, we went home and waited for our parents to continue moving stuff. Around 12:30 my boyfriend and I went to Lisbon to have lunch.

We walked around for a bit in Lisbon, I was kind of nostalgic because I hadn't been there since February and it was so different to walk around with masks and see less people than what's usual. It was weird.

After lunch we had lunch, my boyfriend went to his barber to get a haircut! He did a great job! The day wasn't done, obviously so we ended up going back to Lisbon - this time to the riverside. For the first time, I visited MAAT, the views there are amazing, I truly fell in love with it.

After this long walk, it was like 8km, we went to Starbucks and I had a Refresher (it was really hot that day) and we stayed there talking and eating a cupcake until my dad came to get us. We were super tired.

We ended up having dinner at my sister's, which was pretty cool! I finished my doodle of her house - which was one of the most challenging ones! I was super happy though.


Last day in Lisbon and I couldn't have asked for a better morning. My boyfriend picked my up and we went to Belém (Fun fact: Did you know that Portuguese citizens don't pay on Sundays to visit Torre de Belém up until 2pm?). We had the typical cake from Lisbon - Pastel de Belém and then we visited the tower- which has breathtaking views to the river. I wanted to walk a bit on the sand / river. But when I was preparing myself to do that I saw a jellyfish, so no. My parents got us to lunch with my grandmother and then we came back to Porto.

And that was my weekend. Of course it was super strange because everyone was with masks and stuff. But it was better than staying at home. If you do everything to keep yourself safe, you're good.

P.S.: Even though it isn't mandatory to use a mask outside, it's common sense if you do when there's a lot of people around. It's weird as hell, but as long as we're healthy there's no mask that's going to make me not use it.

So, I sell masks! And you know what's the best part? You can get a matching phone case (iPhone & Android), sticker, wall art, whatever! Check it out here, they're for your own safety.

See you guys next week!


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