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A perfect weekend in Prainha

Hey guys! Long time no see, I know. I've been making the most out of my holidays here in Algarve. However, you can see that I've been adding new items to the store. I love to doodle in the pool so I've been doing a lot of stuff.

This weekend was amazing! I loved loved it. So I thought it 'd be a good thing to write about. I did a poll on IG and this was the most voted theme (along with the first party) and Friday's post will be about how I feel about going to my last year of school - senior year.

The good part of this weekend started on Friday. My sister's now on vacation so she spent part of her Friday afternoon with me. We went to the pool and had a great time there. Later that night, we went to Prainha's Bar (that closes early now because of COVID-19) along with my sister's friend. We had a great time there. There's where we found out that there'll be a private sunset party only for Prainha's house owners.

So Saturday was a perfect day. We woke up early and went straight to the beach. My mom loves to catch shrimp, so I helped her out and we ended up meeting a cute family that helped us. Among other things, we got so many shrimps and a crab. It was a great morning. We came back home and we got them prepared and we ate them along with salmon! Before lunch, I went for a swim in our pool.

Saturday afternoon was just lovely. We went to Albufeira and I got to meet my boyfriend's nephew. He's so so cute. I had such a great time with him, he's so smiley and he just wanted to hold my hair. The cutest baby ever (he's only 4 months old!) Look at his tiny feet.

As we came back to Prainha, a sunset party was expecting us. Due to COVID, it wasn't very crowded and everyone was respecting social distancing & wearing masks. It was amazing. Pools normally close at 7pm, but this time, the big pool with sea view and it's restaurant stayed open until 10pm. We had dinner and went to the pool, always with a DJ putting great music. It was super chill and a different experience with a great view. My sister went to the pool at 10pm!

But look at this sunset... This is the place I always say that I want to get married in.

We came back home happy! We listened to some music and then we got to sleep.

Sunday was a pool day, with some incidents. My dad got hurt, but everything was good by sunset and we spent the day with out grandparents.

After the pool, we had a simple dinner. Just things like chorizo. It was a lovely weekend. I wish we get to have more like this.

Today, my boyfriend joined me!! So everything is going great.

To wrap up the post, I'll leave here a few new things you can find on my store.



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