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A beautiful week in Lisbon (Part 1)

Last summer we were a lot in Lisbon (not only a week) but there's this week that I will always keep in my heart - it was beautiful. We sailed to Belém and Cascais. Later that week we went to Sintra and Palácio da Pena. On this first part I'll focus on the sailing part - and I'll show you Belle!

Belle's first day in Lisbon. Belle is a Bénéteau Oceanis 311 from 2002 that we own since 2011. This baby is originally from Lisbon. However, we brought it for our hometown - Porto - and then to Baiona, Spain - where we have our best memories.

Now our sailor decided to bring it back to Lisbon. And this was his first day in Oeiras. Me and my father went to Oeiras' dock to get it down to our marina - Doca do Espanhol.

It was a really nice trip with my dad, it was a really hot day so I got sunburnt, which wasn't as nice. But we were able to open the mainsail for a little bit. I was a really good trip.

A few days later we did one of my favorite boat trips, on my mom's birthday.

We bought her a cake and champagne so we could sing her happy birthday in front of Belém's tower. That day was really windy, so it was really good for sailing. We had to hold the cups and the cake otherwise it would all fall. On our way back to the dock, we decided to sail a bit more, so we went to Terreiro do Paço. I really loved to see Lisbon from another perspective - I like it more from the river. I think Rio Tejo is a really good place to sail: it has space, normally it is windy so you can open your sails a little bit. But the trip to Cascais was WAY MORE eventful!

I love to sail Belle - which sometimes can be good for my father to relax a bit - I've been doing it since I'm 7.

Cascais was one eventful trip. It was in August but it seemed like it was November. There's one specific moment of this trip that I just want to cry when I think about it (because I screwed up!) and my cousins were there so yes, not my best moment. In my defense, it was my father's fault to trust me to take the boat out of the dock. Manoeuvres aren't my thing, Jesus. I'll talk about that in a bit.

So we got everything prepared for a 2-hour-trip. Beer, sushi, everything nice. However, we didn't have a clue that after Algés (sea already), it would be winter. Basically all our plans of going to the see when we stopped disappeared for two reasons: cold and jelly fish.

The trip was fun nonetheless - I love sailing with big waves - we were called out by a cargo ship because we were definitely too close, we saw jelly fish, we got water on our faces.

The worst was entering the Doca de Cascais. That was an adventure. We had to stop at the reception in between two boats, everything went amazingly. But my father had the great idea to ask me to take it off there while he was on the outside taking off the ropes. He was supposed to tell me when I should reverse gears and turn the wheel all the way to the left.

All of a sudden I hear him screaming "GO GO GO" and my reaction is put as much reverse as I could and not turning everything to the left.

Long story short, I almost left my dad in land, almost crashed into another boat, and almost crashed into a wall. And my reaction while all of this was happening was take my hands off the wheel?? Whatever it was a low for me. My dad later said that he should've told me to go earlier. I was still very sad and I'm pretty sure I haven't sailed ever since that.

We had a nice lunch though. It was really nice with our family - and then my sister joined us. Later we went back to Lisbon, it was a really pretty trip, I simply sat there listening to music with blankets on - I loved it. We arrived and it was almost 9pm so for this first time we did a trip at night - Lisbon lights looking amazing.

It was an eventful day, but a good one. That moment though, awful.

Cute pictures from that day down here!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this week in Lisbon.

Last, but not least, it is with much pain that I tell you our boat's for sale, of course we will get a new one if we sell this one, but it's sad to sell a place that I have so many great memories, where I grew up - and Belle's perfect - just smaller than my dad wants.

Link for our baby:

See you guys Monday with part 2!

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