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55 pictures, 55 memories

Hey hey hey! This is going to be a long post, as you can imagine, but one very lovely to do. Before I had the room you now know, it was slightly different, it had one fantastic detail:

These are a lot of memories, but lovely ones. I won't be following any order though!


First picture: this is my family, my everything, my loves. This picture is very close to my heart, it was taken in New York City when we went visiting my sister <3 We felt so happy to be with her again, we also had five guys on this day.

Second picture: Say hi to my dad! This picture was actually taken here in Algarve in 2017 - when my dad was cool and used to go out with us at Caniço. I was actually pissed that day, but smiled for the pic anyway and then I was a bit happier drinking my Cola :)

Third picture: Cat's smile of happiness for her new car. She got it this very day.

Fourth picture: This picture was on my dad's birthday and we ate a great lime cheesecake on that day, but what really made me happy was the fact that it was his day and we had a great family dinner.

Fifth picture: Again, my father. He's my sailor, as you already know. This day we went on a trip on Douro River, it was lovely.

Sixth & Seventh picture: I obviously don't remember these pictures being taken, but they're so cute <3 on the first one that's my dad and the second one my mom. The one with my mom was taken in Prainha as well!

Eight picture: This last one is my mommy, two years ago in Prainha. It was such a great beach day with funny stuff.

First & second picture: This day was beautiful. My boyfriend took me to his sister's wedding and I'm sure it will always be one of the most beautiful weddings I'll ever see. They're beautiful. It was also a stressful day - I met my boyfriend's family for the first time. Also, don't you see any similarity on both pictures? I got the bride's bouquet. Well, it wasn't great for me being the bride's brother girlfriend but looking back it was very cute. And I still have the bouquet at home, beautiful!

Third picture: Say hi to my best friend and, I'LL risk to say, my number one fan here! This was the day she met my boyfriend and he took us some pics by Rio Tejo. I love her so so much, she's been with me through everything ever since 2015. We have a lot a like as you can see by the dresses and the all stars.

Fourth picture: These are my classmates. I love them (and the new ones that aren't here) and I miss them so much. On this day we had finished a psychology project.

Fifth picture: This picture has me, my sister and my other sister (that isn't really sister but who cares, I grew up with her - she's my sister's best friend.

Sixth picture: My beautiful sister. Jesus this day was perfect, it was halloween here in Prainha. Me and my sister decided to see the sunset on the beach - in november - and it was this wonderful end of afternoon.

Seventh picture: My first ballet show. Les Sylphides.

Eight picture: This is my friend from school, we went to an El Corte Ingles on a saturday and a very cute lady asked us if we wanted a polaroid, and that's how we got here.

Ninth picture: I know this girl ever since we were little kids. We took this pic on one of our many walks around Porto downtown.

Tenth picture: This day was so good. My girl helped me start dating with my baby. On this day he said that he loved me, she took me to Lisbon and gave me the best days ever.

Eleventh picture: Porto is beautiful during Xmas. We have those benches with beautiful words. It's our family's tradition to walk around downtown the day the lights are lighten up.

First picture: This picture was taken when I caught the bouquet. We were happy and freaked out at the same time, but it was a beautiful moment that we'll never forget.

Second, third & fourth picture: This is a polaroid of the day Francisco said I love you for the first time. We walked around at a beautiful garden in Lisbon (Gulbenkian) and we were happy asf.

Fifth picture: Sundays are sad days for us, normally that's when Francisco goes back to Lisbon. On this day I was sad at the sofa and he was working. I was just looking at him so I took this.

Sixth picture: We weren't dating here yet. We visited Castelo dos Mouros with my best friend and I had an asthma attack! We were so happy and I was waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend the entire day.

Seventh picture: You know which happy day this was: Maria & David's wedding <3

Eight picture: This picture is the proof that even in a train station we're able to make great memories. I just remember taking this picture before going back to the hotel and feelling so happy with him.

Ninth picture: This beautiful morning in december at Gulbenkian in Lisbon was so special. We were just walking around, being happy. We both love cold weather so much.

Tenth picture: He hates this picture. We were on the train to my sister's before his sister's wedding. We were nervous and happy, but I love train trips with him (even these shady ones because I feel safe).

Eleventh picture: This was the day we officially started dating!! He asked me to be his girlfriend near my hotel in Lisbon, although it was supposed to be in Belém. It was so special though, I was so damn happy.

First picture: My beautiful parents. This day was pretty. It was a saturday. I had ballet in the morning and then we went for lunch in this beautiful restaurant downtown.

Second picture: When my sister was officially an Engineer. I was so happy and proud of her. She's my queen.

Third picture: Last summer, we were a lot in belle. So we spent my mom's birthday sailing Rio Tejo. We had champagne by Belém and sang her a happy birthday. It was one of the best trips in Belle.

Fourth picture: This one was in the hotel we stayed for my sister's birthday in Cascais. This pool was breathtaking. We spent a great day by the pool, only the girls <3

Fifth picture: This is my fat cat, Lana. She's so silly.

The last four pictures were taken in Prainha, as you know this place is so special, and so is every sunset.

First, second & third picture: Last year, me, Francisco, my sister, her friends, and four friends of mine went to Super Bock Super Rock Festival in Meco. We met three nice guys there and we all had a great time. Me and Francisco ended up on the second row. We saw The 1975 and Lana del Rey so close, I was almost fainting but it was so worth it, the best night of my life, truly.

Fourth picture: This was a view from a restaurant me and Francisco went in Cascais. It was a great pizza night that we got to enjoy even better with this view.

Fifth picture: Not a lot behind this picture, I just remember saying to Francisco "Francisco look, that's a pink building. I want one of those when I grow up" and then I took this picture xD

Sixth picture: This is something I miss. This picture was taken when we got out of our garage driving to school. This is my street back in Porto and we have the best sun rises ever.

Seventh picture: I love car rides in Lisbon listening to music, they bring me peace. This was one of those.

Eight picture: On one of my many walks in Gulbenkian with Francisco, we saw this beautiful tree.

First picture: Fort Lauderdale, Miami. I was ten, but I remember arriving at the hotel and being so happy with this view. I took a photo immediately.

Second picture: This day was one of the best days in my life. I was back in NY, this time older, and this night time walk and that NY lasagna made my entire day. I feel so overwhelmed when I'm in NY. I wouldn't say I feel like home, because home is Porto, but I sure feel so comfortable.

Third picture: The first transatlantic flight that I actually remember. I spent a lot of time looking out the window, and arriving in DC was so good.

Fourth picture: We didn't have a lot of time, so my dad took us to lower manhattan on car, but me and my mom went for a tiny walk where we say New Jersey, Lower Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty.

First picture: Remember when I said earlier that Francisco was supposed to ask me to be his girlfriend in Belém? Well, that was because I had never been there (at least when I was 10 or up) so, one month after we started dating, he reasked me to date him, but in Belém. (it wasn't in this exact spot though)

Second picture: This one was actually from a Saturday almost a year before me and Francisco started dating. We went for a walk in Lisbon after a hurricane, so the city was almost empty and that cloudy /rainy / sunny weather was perfect. And so was our walk and our day.

So that's it. 55 memories. I loved writing this post and reliving them. It made me so happy.

I'll leave you with something I did this week. If you're into Lettering, check out Every Tuesday tutorials on youtube, this doodle is from one of those. All you need is and iPad, Procreate and a Stylus (apple pencil if possible).

and here's the process :p

I hope you liked this post, let me know on the comments down below.

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Lena <3

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